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Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello everyone!
I would first like to say THANK YOU FOR THE VEGETABLES!!!!!! My heart and stomach was happy this week when I came close to getting my full 3 cups of veggies. Yes, all my comapnions thought I was weird, but they ate the vegetables with me. They later admitted they too miss fresh produce. I am slowly spreading my philosophies of healthy eating!  The Reeses were also very welcomed and lessoned the teases I got for my box full of veggies. I told them they can tease me all they want but when they are in the hospital with strokes, heart attackes, or cancer they will understand why sister p was crazy about vegetables.
Sister P is my new christening. No one in our district really calls me Sister Peterson. I like Sister P better because Sister Peterson just sounds so old (that statement was not in any way associated with antoher sister peterson we all know and love...) Everyone usually says it all gansta-ish like "What up Sista P!!" My favorite is when our Tongan elder says it in his cute little tongan accent.
This week we got a new teacher sister Jacobs. She is from Brazil and I absolutely lover her. She is a blessing from heaven. Our other teacher Irmao (Br.) Sheffer is great and I really love him there just isn't any structure. But sister Jacobs is very structured and strict - not mean strict but we get things done strict. And I understand her way better than Br. SHeffer which gives me hope because she is Brazilian. So things are looking up for the language. I am still patiently and unwearingly pushing along and thanking my lucky stars that I was not called Russian, or chinese speaking. I would say I don't know how they do it, but I do. With God all things are possible. Even Brice could learn Russian. (Just kidding - Brice is a very smart boy but a little help from up above goes a long way).
Also this week there were many sisters and elders (okay like 6 people) that got a golden ticket. My companion included. Sister Hall got her golden ticket which means she filled out her electronic visa. I was so happy and yet soooo jealous. The electronic visa is the first step to getting the real visa. We have an elder in our district that has filled out his electronic visa this past May and he is still it doesn't really mean anything. Pray really really hard that I get my Visa.
Also this week, my companions and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the workshop "First Impressions" Background to this workshop - So I heard there was this workshop on makeup and other stuff like that and that you get free stuff so my companions and I decided to try it out. So the workshop was taught by a lady probably in her 60's and she was teaching us how to be fashionable. Does anyone else see the irony in that...? Maybe it is just me. So we sat through an hour long lesson on do's and don'ts of fashion. I think my companions and I broke several ribs trying not to laugh. She first insulted me by having me get up and try on this belt. The point was that belts make every outfit so much cuter and modern, which I do agree with. so she had me try this belt on and then she said ..."see, the belt turns a plain ol' t-shirt into something so stylish. Now, she is so adorable." I wasn't really offended, it was just funny her choice of words and I know she didn't mean it like that. But it sure gave my companions and I a great laugh. She also was horrified that the most popular hairstyle of sisters was a ponytail. Both my compansions had pony tails. She also said to never ever wear a braid down your back because it is associated with the amish and we don't want to look like that. My companion had started the day with a braid down her back but luckily pulled it up after lunch. All in all - we had a very enjoyable time and crack up every time we see some sisters implementing some of the haristyles she taught us. We did get free makup and lotion so I was happy.
Another thing about my companions. I am so very grateful that God has given me a soft landing with companions. I love them! The other day we had a sister next door come bawling her eyes out to us because she was having some companion problems. I talked to Danielle and she said she too had a lot of tears and a lot of long talks and too much drama with her companions. Our only problem is that we probably laugh too much. But I love them, and I'm so grateful for them.
Thank you so much for all your love and prayers and letters and everything else. I am so happy I am here and I'm so exciting to get out and share this good news! I love this gospel! Everyday, my testimony grows of the power of teaching by the spirit. This campus is filled with missionaries who can't speak but you can feel the power of thier testimonies through their broken portuguese, spanish, cantonies, russian, and whateverele is being taught here.
Love you all muito!
Com fe,
Sister P

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