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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kylie's letter 1-28-2013

So...... I will be staying in Camps and training, and actually about the whole extension thing it might be a little longer. Presidente asked me to stay for another three months (2 transfers) to help train all of the new sisters that are coming in. So... we will be seeing each other in May, perfect timing for the sun to start melting all that ice up there. 
This week was great! 

This week we spent without water!! It is always a great surprise to turn on the tap and watch as the water spurts a little and then completely stops. Then it gets really funny when it stays like that for days. The apartment we live in is great - we are lucky if there is electricity, and the bathroom flush works, and we have to water to shower. So basically my life in Campos has been stopped of toilet, sitting in the dark, all sweaty stinky with no way to get clean. Hahaha- just kidding it isn't that bad. We just spent 2 days without water came back for a little bit to shower and then left again, and came back etc. etc. But our toilet is still clogged. This apartment is a beauty. That is all I have got to say. It was the elders that picked it out. 

I also have some great news from Quissamã. One of the ladies I taught there that got baptized and then left the church (Angela) is starting to come back. I sent her the search for happiness book, and Sister Zeller wrote her a baller letter and we both have been praying our little hearts out for her. I knew she would come back. But she is still having problems with her family not supporting her and her whole neighborhood practically. Pray for her. But it was evidence # 678,456, 002 that God hears and answers my prayers. 

This week actually has been really hectic with getting all the reports in to the LZ and assistants and everything - so the journal got left out and thus I don't really remember what happened this week. lets see.....

One of our investigators came to church and she said she felt like she had already been here. I love when people say this. Tons of people say this or they say to us that they feel like they have always known us. This is the spirit bringing back all things to our remembrance. They feel the spirit and they remember the spirit they felt before this life and connect it to the thought they have already known us and been to church but in reality they are just remember the truths that they knew. It is the spirit! 

Random memory of the week. We walk through a ghetto neighborhood that we are not allowed to teach in, to get to the neighborhoods we can teach in. And there is a street with a jukebox and old Brazilian men sit there and change the music and start dancing to the music by themselves with beer and cigarette in hand. haha - one of my favorite memories of Campos. 

Finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the first time. Love that book- cool to look back and see that when I started I had to look up every single word, but now I can go through chapters without having to pick up the dictionary. The Lord´s promises to His missionaries are real! 

Love you guys - stay safe with all that ice! really - I want a family to come back to. 


sis p 

ps. soooo, actually I was just kidding about the whole extension thing. HAHA!  As much as I want to stay for another year and a half let alone 30 stinking days. God told me no -. there is a time and season for everything. I was called to serve a year an half and there are other missions bigger and better that God has in store for me. So, get the preparations started. I want a homecoming complete with signs, music makers, Brazi e US flags, and complete with  a choreographed dance. Deal? Done!  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/21/2013

This week was wonderful. Just like every other week. These are my sweet memories of this week. 

- Açaí with granola and paçoca has turned into one of my favorite foods. It is a type of frozen fruit smoothie and you can put several toppings on it. I am pretty sure it has some natural high or something because we buy it and eat it walking home and at night I can't fall asleep- but it is oh soooo worth it. 

- I finished our heritage this week. during my sleepless nights, I have been reading and I finished it. Mixture of too much açaí and ending the mission subconscious thinking And what a heritage this church has. It is so cool to see the growth of the church in the grand scheme of things. And it is growing so fast here in Brazil. 30 or some odd years ago, my entire mission was a district with 3 branches. And now there are 5 or 6 stakes with another district and many more wards and branches. Next step - TEMPLO EM RIO!!! That is my prayer for these people. 

- Marcus - he is a hard core catholic that goes to mass every single night. We have been teaching him, and through a process of several miracles he has received an answer that this is the true church. We were with him when he said his first pray - his first real pray. Before he was always telling us that he prayed but he was praying catholic memorized prayers to the saints. We taught him how to pray and he prayed for the people in the world that they too could learn about the true gospel through the sisters. After he said amen, he looked at us with a wide eyed grin - and I asked him how he was feeling - he said he was feeling light and happy. and he got goose bumps. He couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop smiling either.  Being part of a persons first prayer is such a tender mercy. Helps me remember why I came on a mission to help people feel happy. So happy they can't stop smiling. 

- igreja assembleia. Yesterday we visiting the assembly of God church, it is the church of one of our investigators. The husband is all for the church of Jesus Christ but the wife is super evangelical. So we did an exchange. Next week it is the church of Jesus Christ for them. It was a very interesting experience, much like missão evangelical. Lots of loud loud loud songs and prayers, and screaming. My ears felt swollen after. But while there I felt an overwhelming sensation of longing to return to the temple. That is gonna be one of the first thing I am going to do when I get back. I miss the temple and most of all the spirit I feel there. 

- we also visited the messianica church. It was soooooo different. It is a espirita church that believes in allan kardec and it is based off of a Japanese church or something. Really weird, I felt all mixed up hearing Portuguese and hearing Japanese music and seeing Japanese writing on the wall and everything. Super different.  But fun experience. They believe in Christ and the bible but had more pictures of these Japanese monk men on the walls and I think mentioned Christ once in the sermon. I am so grateful for the church of Jesus Christ. 

-Felipe - we call him the prince of questions because his name is a prince´s name and he is ALWAYS ASKING QUESTIONS!! But it is actually really fun teaching him. We really have to study and come armed with scriptural evidence. But I worry that he isn't taking a spiritual approach. His brother came to church yesterday we are teaching his brother too. they are both 30 and some odd young men that live with their parents. They are reading and investigating a lot, but still waiting for an answer or not recognizing the answer. 

ooooo gente porque eu não fui chamado para um lugar mais perto de nossa casa. Eu vou sentir tantos saudades daqui. eu vou ter que me casar com um brasileiro kkk! Não quero sair de meu amado brasil.

Life is good. the gospel is true. and this is the last week of the transfer and last week with my first daughter (trainee) and my second daughter is scheduled to arrive next week Tuesday. until next time

sis p 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/14/2013

Hey fam-

This week was good. Yesterday was kind of a bummer because of some things. We got chewed out by this lady - oh my goodness gracious- I have never felt so much hate coming from person just because of our religion. We just sat there and listened and I asked a few questions and it was obvious she didn't know anything about the church, only what her pastor had told her. I tried to explain and to help her understand but she wouldn't let us talk. So we just sat there and listened and listened and listened to this woman proclaim she was a person of God and that God loved here even though she drank and smoke, and drinks coffee, etc. etc. and that we were a Satan worshiping cult etc. etc. and that she doesn't know Mormon etc. etc. After about 1/2 hour of this I asked her if I could say something. And she said yes - I bore my testimony that I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and the He loves her just as much as me and that the church and the Book of Mormon were true because God told me through the spirit. And that I couldn't deny that. There isn't anyone or anything that a person can say that will make me change the path I am on. I ended with a prayer and prayed that God would help her learn to love other people and have respect for other people's differences and that she could be happy. Then we gave goodbye kisses and left. I think she kind of felt stupid after, because she apologized. But she has been corrupting our investigator which makes me mad. She is the mom of Nayara who is the wife of our little elect family who now wants nothing to do with the church. But the husband still believes. And I know everything will work out.  It is always good to suffer a little for the name of Jesus Christ. Makes me appreciate the atonement a little better.

That was last night - but the rest of the week has been filled with wonderful miracles and spiritual experiences. One such was when we were tracting and clapping on doors and we found a woman who said that she had been praying to God to help better her life. She said that she would not enter into His house unless He helped get her life to be better. And then we showed up. She is a really sweet old lady - and I want to help her. Her husband died and she is struggling with a lot of things. I am hoping we can mark a baptismal date with her this week. We will see.

Our one investigator Felipe who is super duper interesting is still reading the Book of Mormon but still thinks that it isn't necessary to go to church and to be baptized by water. Even after I showed every scripture in the bible and Book of Mormon to prove to him, he still has these ridiculous thoughts. But he is a good kid. He will come around. We are bringing the bishop with us to our next visit. He just needs a spiritual experience.

We had interviews this week as well. We have transfers in two weeks and  President said that I will be staying in Campos and I will be training again. So that will be nice. The more advanced in the mission I get - the more I like change. I will miss sister Moyano but it will be fun to have a new comp. It will either be a Brasi or an American. I want the Brasi just to better my Portuguese but we will see. k- my time is up

love you lots


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/6/13

Happy new year hope Pine Valley was really cold and fun. I have been melting here. I don't think my sunscreen works either. Or maybe it is the fact that sweat and sunscreen don't really go together. or maybe everyone just things I am red all the time. I don't know, whatever it is, pretty sure I am going to have skin cancer. Pray for the DNA in my skin cells that they don't pass on the burned molecules. Thank you - I will sure appreciate it. 

But......this week was the new year and we got to go home a half an hour early. Whoop dee doo! But that is all good. P-day before we tie-dyed dresses and watched the sisters movie and then we left to do visits and we tried to find açaí but there was nothing open. And New Year's day we roamed the deserted streets finding houses of membros inactives. What a great day I know. But this week was really good. 

André e Nayara are super converted and firm in the faith. They are sharing the gospel with everyone. And Mara the mom got confirmed yesterday. 

And we have a new investigator that is super duper intriguing. he is going crazy about our lessons and the doctrine. He is a young man named Felipe and he is trying to find evidences - historical evidences that the Book of Mormon is true. And yes yes yes, we have told him time after time, that this is not the way to do it. He has questions about the temple in the Book of Mormon; how they built it in the way of Solomon, and about the Jaradites, and about all of these other random things. He is super hard to teach because we have to totally rely on the spirit to help him feel the spirit, yesterday we came to his house and he was watching some film of the church with Dallon H. Oaks, and the SLC temple. I have stopped asking him if he has questions because we lose focus. But I think he will get baptized, we just have to be reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly patient. He is going super duper slow. But he knows the Bible front and back and has accumulated his own personal belief about the gospel of Jesus Christ that is pretty much spot on. He knew about the laying on of hands to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That never happens. So we will see what happens. 

We have some other people that have potential. But I am really content right now. You know how I said the mission was an emotional roller coaster. Well - I think I have finally hit the end and things are evening out and it is just pure happiness. Sure there are little bumps and hiccups along the way, but for the most part, I am just happy. Happy to be here, happy to be alive, and happy to see what God has in store for me this year. That is what this gospel does, makes us happy!!!

Sure love you all

Sis Peterson

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kylie's letter 12/31/12

I don´t think there is any better way to spend one whole year than to
the way I was able to spend it completely immersed in the work of the
Lord. Crazy to look back at this year and I think that I did this
every day all day for a whole year. This week was very special with
some great surprises. First off all I have to say is that it is super
hot and it doesn't make life any better when you don't have windows in
your apartment. Luckily, Sister Moyano and I we have our study room
close to the front door so I study with the door open. The other
sisters have a room more in the interior. Their room gets to be 90
degrees during the morning. Poor things. Every morning and night I
come home and make a jamba juice. I have officially mastered the
technique. You know how you always try to make a jamba juice but it
never really turns out right- it doesn't taste like a real jamba juice,
well - I have overcome that obstacle. I throw in some milk and some
ice and a little bit of sugar and and whatever type of tropical fruit
that is on sale. and just beat it all up in the blender And
whalaaaaaaaa! a perfectly cold and refreshing breakfast and dinner.
But - okay back to the stuff that really matters. No one really cares
about my jamba juice making skills. I know, I know...

So yesterday Mara Senhora, we have been teaching for these last 2
months was baptized. She is one of the most scheikiest people I have
baptized. Her picture is included. also André her son and Naiara his
soon to be wife bought rings!!!!! They are such a crazy little family.
I love all of them so much. There is a picture of them and their 3
little girls. They just need to register and get married and they too,
with their oldest daughter Meralyn, will get baptized! They are such a
perfect little family. I love them so much. They are one of God´s
miracles here in Campos - the city that I thought would not produce
many fruits. But faith and a lot of work does miracles. And God is
still blessing us with miracles.

This week we were about to cut one of our investigators. Both of us
felt something different about him, and we had only taught him two
times, and he is really hard to find in his house, so we had passed at
least 5 times and he was never there. So we made a decision to pass
again one more time and then cut him from our list of investigators.
We went and he was there!!!! He commented that it was really strange
that we showed up just 5 minutes after he got home. He said that he
was at the mall and he was planning on staying there until 9 ish, but
he didn't feel good. Something inside him told him that he shouldn't be
there that he should go home. He listened and followed the prompting
and we showed up 5 min. after he got home! He is a dentist and lives
with his aged parents and brother and he is Catholic and his name is
Marcus. He is traveling now but I feel that God has a lot in store for
him when he gets back.

But that is all for this week folks. Tuesday was so good to get to
talk to all of you. I hope everyone is happy. And I hope everyone
makes a lot of great new years goals!!!! Happy 2013

Sis Peterson

Kylie's letters and photos 12/25/12

So here is the scoop. I sent a bunch of pictures to make up for the lack of email. The pictures are of a river of chocolate milk that is right next to our area. And of us making colxinha with some irmãs da igreja. And of our Christmas party the day of transfers. This week was great. The baptismal date of Mara fell but we had the interview yesterday and we remarked for this sunday. So hopefully things will work out.
congrats for the wedding survival. Now That you are all pro you guys can whip up a wedding for me and one of my hippie boyfriends right?!
love you guys
até amanhã

Kylie's letter 12/17/12

Happy wedding week for the participants and the engaged couple.

Be sure to take lots of cool pics and eat a bowl of tomato basil soup! Looooooooooooooooooooooooove that kind of soup. They have soup here with bananas in it. Actually they put bananas in everything rice and beans, pizza, macaroni. Yeah - so it turns out it is actually really good... But onto the good stuff. 

This last week I was able to be a part of a wedding here. I got to back to my home in Quissamã. I stayed there Friday and Saturday. It was so funny going back. I love that little town and my family there. It was an amazing weekend. We left the newbies in Campos to work and we headed off for the wedding, and more importantly the baptism, of a family we found our first week there with Sis Z and me. We worked with them almost every day and went to the wedding office place and bajillion times and they were finally married and baptized!!!! Remember Ana Maria and Jorge? They were married and they and their son were baptized. It was one of the happiest moments of the mission to see a family entering the church. And it was so good to go back to a place that I loooove so much and stay with members so simple but have such strong testimonies. It was pure bliss. It is moments like these that make every hour in the scorching sun worth it. "Life is beautiful, the gospel makes it so!" 

Transfers are tomorrow and all four of us will stay in Campos. I am really happy. Because I thought I would get transfered, but it all turned out great. I love the sisters I am living with. I sent home one of my old comapnions early this morning and only got 3 hrs of sleep. We stayed up talking and then I waited with her at the bus station forever. But it was really good to catch up with her. She lives in São Paulo. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of her when I come home. Speaking of which. I got the dreaded phone call. I was totally not expected it. The office elders called me to confirm flight plans and airports. I told them SLC and to put the date for Out 6. They unfortunatley told me that that was impossible. But I will be leaving Brasil March 6. So I will probably arrive March 7.  It makes me sick to think that I have to leave Brasil and take off my name tag. I love it here. 

Tonight we are spending the night at the train station with our elders in our zone to go to Vitória to party it up the day of transfers and celebrate Christmas. It is going to be great! I am gonna try to send pics. with the rest of my time. know tht I love each and every one of you. 
love you all

sister peterson