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Monday, January 14, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/14/2013

Hey fam-

This week was good. Yesterday was kind of a bummer because of some things. We got chewed out by this lady - oh my goodness gracious- I have never felt so much hate coming from person just because of our religion. We just sat there and listened and I asked a few questions and it was obvious she didn't know anything about the church, only what her pastor had told her. I tried to explain and to help her understand but she wouldn't let us talk. So we just sat there and listened and listened and listened to this woman proclaim she was a person of God and that God loved here even though she drank and smoke, and drinks coffee, etc. etc. and that we were a Satan worshiping cult etc. etc. and that she doesn't know Mormon etc. etc. After about 1/2 hour of this I asked her if I could say something. And she said yes - I bore my testimony that I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and the He loves her just as much as me and that the church and the Book of Mormon were true because God told me through the spirit. And that I couldn't deny that. There isn't anyone or anything that a person can say that will make me change the path I am on. I ended with a prayer and prayed that God would help her learn to love other people and have respect for other people's differences and that she could be happy. Then we gave goodbye kisses and left. I think she kind of felt stupid after, because she apologized. But she has been corrupting our investigator which makes me mad. She is the mom of Nayara who is the wife of our little elect family who now wants nothing to do with the church. But the husband still believes. And I know everything will work out.  It is always good to suffer a little for the name of Jesus Christ. Makes me appreciate the atonement a little better.

That was last night - but the rest of the week has been filled with wonderful miracles and spiritual experiences. One such was when we were tracting and clapping on doors and we found a woman who said that she had been praying to God to help better her life. She said that she would not enter into His house unless He helped get her life to be better. And then we showed up. She is a really sweet old lady - and I want to help her. Her husband died and she is struggling with a lot of things. I am hoping we can mark a baptismal date with her this week. We will see.

Our one investigator Felipe who is super duper interesting is still reading the Book of Mormon but still thinks that it isn't necessary to go to church and to be baptized by water. Even after I showed every scripture in the bible and Book of Mormon to prove to him, he still has these ridiculous thoughts. But he is a good kid. He will come around. We are bringing the bishop with us to our next visit. He just needs a spiritual experience.

We had interviews this week as well. We have transfers in two weeks and  President said that I will be staying in Campos and I will be training again. So that will be nice. The more advanced in the mission I get - the more I like change. I will miss sister Moyano but it will be fun to have a new comp. It will either be a Brasi or an American. I want the Brasi just to better my Portuguese but we will see. k- my time is up

love you lots


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