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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kylie's letter 12/31/12

I don´t think there is any better way to spend one whole year than to
the way I was able to spend it completely immersed in the work of the
Lord. Crazy to look back at this year and I think that I did this
every day all day for a whole year. This week was very special with
some great surprises. First off all I have to say is that it is super
hot and it doesn't make life any better when you don't have windows in
your apartment. Luckily, Sister Moyano and I we have our study room
close to the front door so I study with the door open. The other
sisters have a room more in the interior. Their room gets to be 90
degrees during the morning. Poor things. Every morning and night I
come home and make a jamba juice. I have officially mastered the
technique. You know how you always try to make a jamba juice but it
never really turns out right- it doesn't taste like a real jamba juice,
well - I have overcome that obstacle. I throw in some milk and some
ice and a little bit of sugar and and whatever type of tropical fruit
that is on sale. and just beat it all up in the blender And
whalaaaaaaaa! a perfectly cold and refreshing breakfast and dinner.
But - okay back to the stuff that really matters. No one really cares
about my jamba juice making skills. I know, I know...

So yesterday Mara Senhora, we have been teaching for these last 2
months was baptized. She is one of the most scheikiest people I have
baptized. Her picture is included. also André her son and Naiara his
soon to be wife bought rings!!!!! They are such a crazy little family.
I love all of them so much. There is a picture of them and their 3
little girls. They just need to register and get married and they too,
with their oldest daughter Meralyn, will get baptized! They are such a
perfect little family. I love them so much. They are one of God´s
miracles here in Campos - the city that I thought would not produce
many fruits. But faith and a lot of work does miracles. And God is
still blessing us with miracles.

This week we were about to cut one of our investigators. Both of us
felt something different about him, and we had only taught him two
times, and he is really hard to find in his house, so we had passed at
least 5 times and he was never there. So we made a decision to pass
again one more time and then cut him from our list of investigators.
We went and he was there!!!! He commented that it was really strange
that we showed up just 5 minutes after he got home. He said that he
was at the mall and he was planning on staying there until 9 ish, but
he didn't feel good. Something inside him told him that he shouldn't be
there that he should go home. He listened and followed the prompting
and we showed up 5 min. after he got home! He is a dentist and lives
with his aged parents and brother and he is Catholic and his name is
Marcus. He is traveling now but I feel that God has a lot in store for
him when he gets back.

But that is all for this week folks. Tuesday was so good to get to
talk to all of you. I hope everyone is happy. And I hope everyone
makes a lot of great new years goals!!!! Happy 2013

Sis Peterson

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