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Monday, February 25, 2013

Kylie's last email 2/25/13

Well - the dreaded week has finally come.

And I am a mess of emotions. 

I will be leaving my area the next p-day early in the morning and so I will not have time to write next p-day so this is the last email as a sister missionary. I was trying to think of a clever way to write a summary of my mission and the things I have learned but there are some things too sacred to write and there are some things that words can´t describe. 

So I would like to leave you with my testimony that I know that this gospel is the true gospel. And that this church is the only true church on the face of the planet with the divine authority of  God. I think I have passed the point of believing. I have defended His church so many times and have received a witness of the Spirit that what I was saying is true that I don´t believe anymore. It is more than a belief. I know that all these things are true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through a humble simple prayer he saw God the Father and the Son. And I know that through Him God restored his church and his sacred power and authority. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And that it contains the answers to any doubt, solution to any problem, and the comfort for any needy soul. I know that today President Thomas Monson is the presiding authority of Christ´s church and that he receives divine revelation today. And that he is the prophet of the world. I know that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us, and he wants us to return. He hears our prayers and answers them. I know that He gave His son. And that by and through the Son we can return and live with the Father. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I know he lives and I know that is calling each one of us to come unto Him. I know that this work is a marvelous work and a wonder and I am honored that God called me for a year and a half to be a part of this work. Miracles are real. God knows his children. And the work is hastening.

 I know these things are true with every molecule of my being. 

I end this email in the name of my Savior, Redeemer and King, 
Jesus Cristo

até o proximo
amo vocês

Sister Peterson

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/18/13

I got my flight plans
AAAGHGhgahsdfkajsçdlf jasçdfj açeij 

I am not ready to come home yet. I think they need a training for returned missionaries. What am I doing?! Okay - so the flight plans totally threw me off. I cant really think. I cant believe I only have two weeks. Only two weeks. okay. stop thinking about it. stop. okay

well this week. 

-talked to an anti American and atheist who expressed his dislike and hatred for our blessed country Sister Leite just wanted to leave. But I didn't want him to win that easily. I stayed and listened quietly and then asked him if he was happy. And he went off on a rampage of seemed like a very sad life and he was trying to pull out reasons of why he was happy I think he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince us. I told him we would pray for him. And I apologized for anything my country or my people ever did to him. Then we left. Poor guy. He said some pretty harsh stuff about us and God. after we were leaving I remember the words that every tongue will confess and every knee will bow with Jesus returns in all of his glory. 

- We are still teaching Felipe and Inácio and they are progressing veeeery slowly. But Felipe said he would come to church this week!!! only Sunday school. BUT this is still a huge miracle. These kids are slow movers. But I am learning so much with them. I think they are one of my favorite peoples to teach. There is no way to prepare for their questions. You just have to read your heart out before the lesson say a prayer and then  go with the spirit. And I know the spirit is present because I learn things while they are asking questions. So things that I have learned with them - Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights which Felipe pointed out could be a foreshadow that he stayed in the tomb for 40 hours - he did the calculations at turned out 40 hours exactly. interesting..... Also the plan of salvation does not talk about outer darkness. EVERYONE asks about Hell. And I have never known exactly what to do, and never really understood why it doesn't talk about it in Preach my Gospel. Inácio commented that it is because the plan of salvation is about salvation. The sons of perdition missed out on salvation and do not inherit a kingdom of glory. And thus we do not talk about it during the plan of salvation. Besides who wants to focus on Hell anyways. Also they asked us why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day SAINTS. We don't believe in saints. And so what´s the deal with that. The spirit taught me on the spot that we as members are saints because this church is the only church that has the gift of the Holy Ghost. And after we become members we gain the gift of the Holy Ghost and we become sanctified through the Holy Ghost--and thus we become saints. Joseph smith once said that the biggest difference between the church of Christ and other churches is that we have the Holy Ghost. And that is why we are saints. Every week we have an opportunity to be sanctified. 

- miracle last night. So a recent convert´s daughter called us last night and told us to come to their house there was an ugly fight going on. Everybody was screaming, breaking things, and lots of tears and chaos. ( the mission is full of drama. just drama. They need to put a family psychology training section in the MTC) There was already a priestess from the husband´s church. And she was in the midst of everything doing nothing just listening. We stepped in and and everyone tried talking and explaining. I told everyone to be quiet and that I didn't want to know what happened or who did what. I then shared the scripture in Moroni 7 about charity and told everything that they needed to develop this attribute of Christ. I talked about Christ and his love. And I told them that they wanted someone to change they need to change first. Nobody has space to point fingers. We are all to blame. Everyone has something that they can change to be better. Then I asked for everyone to kneel and we all said a prayer. everyone. The spirit came back everyone was crying. And I told them to learn to love like Christ loved, and learn to forgive like Christ forgave. Then wished them goodnight and ran out the door. I wanted to leave them at the peak of the spirit. Tania, the member called us later that night and said everyone kept quiet and her husband started reading the Book of Mormon. And the priestess that was there kept saying - they have so much knowledge. It was a cool manifestation to me the authority that missionaries have. Even the priestess recognized that. It was a miracle. Only God can turn the ugliest fight into a home again. 

- love you guys... see you in a few...bleh

sis p 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/11/2013

This week was a little bit hard. We are clapping on a lot of doors because everyone and their dog (literally- i think there are less dogs in the streets) are at the beach. So we are trying to find the people who are here. Which consists mostly of old grandmas. Where are the old grandpas you might ask? They are in the bars watching their beloved futebol. The season started here in Brazil and I may or may not walk slowly past the bars with big screen TVs to catch little snippets of the games. Haha. Brazilian soccer is belo.
This week a man asked me to marry him on the street. He talked to us drunk and I invited him to church. And then he found us on the street again and said he was a priest and said he wanted me to be his priestess - or in other words his wife. I told him to come to church and that we would talk about Christ. He didn't come to church. Some priest.
Today was p-day and I dragged everyone out bright and early - actually dark and early to watch the sun rise. I really wanted to watch the sun rise on top of our roof. And so we planned this excellent p-day activity. okay maybe I planned this excellent p day activity. But I over calculated the sun. I didn't want to miss is so I got everyone up at 4 30 and the sun came up around 6 30. heh heh - whoops. But it was so beautiful and very worth it. After, I let them all sleep and made a breakfast of french toast, bacon, eggs, and cevada. What a nice person - I know. Just pray that I stay this way after the mish too.
- news from one of my investigators in quissamã. Michelle - she was the one we found that was very spiritually strong but needs her ´husband´ to get a divorce in order that they can get married. Well she goes through these cycles that she believes in everything and then hears something about some doctrine and wants nothing to do with the church. Something that I have discovered is very natural in Brazil. But she lets the spirit calm her doubts and her testimony becomes that much stronger. Well, she had another ´fall´ and she had a dream that she died and went to the Terrestrial Kingdom and was asking people where God and Jesus Christ were. But the people told her they weren't there and that she could not see them. She woke up with the fear that she would end up in the Terrestrial Kingdom. And she is now making large steps in fixing up her situation so that she can get baptized soon and secure her spot in the Celestial Kingdom. I love how individual each person's conversion is. Everyone´s testimony is so different and so unique but based in the same truths. God is such a loving father and he personalizes everything especially for us. I love hearing about people's conversion stories and seeing the hand of God in their lives. God speaks to each of us individually and very personally.
A cool activity to try during your personal studies is to trace your testimony. Go back in time and identify the times where your testimony grew. Because most of our testimonies grow by the drip drop theory we have buckets full of our testimonies that have grown throughout our lifetimes in little drops. It is crucial to remember those drops because it helps us realize how much water we have in our buckets.
Love you all- Happy Carnival! 
sis p

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/4/13

I got my new companion this week. Her name is Sister Leite which means Sister Milk in Portuguese. Everyone jokes about it and calls me Sister coffee. Haha! But she handles it well. She is the first missionary of our mission that the new age limit applies. And to be honest I feel like I am just doing divisions with a young woman from the ward. Everyday is all about princesses, glitter, rainbows, young love, and all the pink and purple jazz. She´s cute, but I feel like there is a large age gap between us. But she has a very strong testimony. She is from Rio. A different part of the state - funny that she was called to serve in Campos. But her family is living in Recife right now. Serving with her is just another testimony to me that God calls small and weak things to compound the wise. This gospel has got to be true if 18 and 19 kids are out there converting people. And I am glad to have another Brazi to perfect my Portuguese. Sis Zeller is still living with me and she got an American. It is so hard to see her struggle with the Portuguese. I am soooo glad that I have already passed that stage. Poor thing. Poor Sis. Zeller too. It is hard to train an American because it is basically you who has to do everything. But things are great.

This week was very normal. We have several people that we are preparing for baptisms. Which I hope and pray I will be able to be a part of. One of them, Sueli, bore her testimony in church. I love hearing my investigators bear their testimonies. Makes me so happy that the Lord is using me to help these people find the truth. I love this gospel and I love how I feel when I am sharing the gospel. This week is Carnaval. And so the festas begin. There will be a lot of drunk men and woman in the street. The majority of the members pack up and go on a camping trip that the ward puts on for the youth. But the missionaries are left to try to find someone ready to hear the gospel. During this time missionary work is not very productive but I am hoping and praying that we can find people to teach.

spiritual thought of the week - Share the gospel with everyone, and when necessary use words.

Love you all.

sis peterson

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kylie's letter 1-28-2013

So...... I will be staying in Camps and training, and actually about the whole extension thing it might be a little longer. Presidente asked me to stay for another three months (2 transfers) to help train all of the new sisters that are coming in. So... we will be seeing each other in May, perfect timing for the sun to start melting all that ice up there. 
This week was great! 

This week we spent without water!! It is always a great surprise to turn on the tap and watch as the water spurts a little and then completely stops. Then it gets really funny when it stays like that for days. The apartment we live in is great - we are lucky if there is electricity, and the bathroom flush works, and we have to water to shower. So basically my life in Campos has been stopped of toilet, sitting in the dark, all sweaty stinky with no way to get clean. Hahaha- just kidding it isn't that bad. We just spent 2 days without water came back for a little bit to shower and then left again, and came back etc. etc. But our toilet is still clogged. This apartment is a beauty. That is all I have got to say. It was the elders that picked it out. 

I also have some great news from Quissamã. One of the ladies I taught there that got baptized and then left the church (Angela) is starting to come back. I sent her the search for happiness book, and Sister Zeller wrote her a baller letter and we both have been praying our little hearts out for her. I knew she would come back. But she is still having problems with her family not supporting her and her whole neighborhood practically. Pray for her. But it was evidence # 678,456, 002 that God hears and answers my prayers. 

This week actually has been really hectic with getting all the reports in to the LZ and assistants and everything - so the journal got left out and thus I don't really remember what happened this week. lets see.....

One of our investigators came to church and she said she felt like she had already been here. I love when people say this. Tons of people say this or they say to us that they feel like they have always known us. This is the spirit bringing back all things to our remembrance. They feel the spirit and they remember the spirit they felt before this life and connect it to the thought they have already known us and been to church but in reality they are just remember the truths that they knew. It is the spirit! 

Random memory of the week. We walk through a ghetto neighborhood that we are not allowed to teach in, to get to the neighborhoods we can teach in. And there is a street with a jukebox and old Brazilian men sit there and change the music and start dancing to the music by themselves with beer and cigarette in hand. haha - one of my favorite memories of Campos. 

Finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the first time. Love that book- cool to look back and see that when I started I had to look up every single word, but now I can go through chapters without having to pick up the dictionary. The Lord´s promises to His missionaries are real! 

Love you guys - stay safe with all that ice! really - I want a family to come back to. 


sis p 

ps. soooo, actually I was just kidding about the whole extension thing. HAHA!  As much as I want to stay for another year and a half let alone 30 stinking days. God told me no -. there is a time and season for everything. I was called to serve a year an half and there are other missions bigger and better that God has in store for me. So, get the preparations started. I want a homecoming complete with signs, music makers, Brazi e US flags, and complete with  a choreographed dance. Deal? Done!  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/21/2013

This week was wonderful. Just like every other week. These are my sweet memories of this week. 

- Açaí with granola and paçoca has turned into one of my favorite foods. It is a type of frozen fruit smoothie and you can put several toppings on it. I am pretty sure it has some natural high or something because we buy it and eat it walking home and at night I can't fall asleep- but it is oh soooo worth it. 

- I finished our heritage this week. during my sleepless nights, I have been reading and I finished it. Mixture of too much açaí and ending the mission subconscious thinking And what a heritage this church has. It is so cool to see the growth of the church in the grand scheme of things. And it is growing so fast here in Brazil. 30 or some odd years ago, my entire mission was a district with 3 branches. And now there are 5 or 6 stakes with another district and many more wards and branches. Next step - TEMPLO EM RIO!!! That is my prayer for these people. 

- Marcus - he is a hard core catholic that goes to mass every single night. We have been teaching him, and through a process of several miracles he has received an answer that this is the true church. We were with him when he said his first pray - his first real pray. Before he was always telling us that he prayed but he was praying catholic memorized prayers to the saints. We taught him how to pray and he prayed for the people in the world that they too could learn about the true gospel through the sisters. After he said amen, he looked at us with a wide eyed grin - and I asked him how he was feeling - he said he was feeling light and happy. and he got goose bumps. He couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop smiling either.  Being part of a persons first prayer is such a tender mercy. Helps me remember why I came on a mission to help people feel happy. So happy they can't stop smiling. 

- igreja assembleia. Yesterday we visiting the assembly of God church, it is the church of one of our investigators. The husband is all for the church of Jesus Christ but the wife is super evangelical. So we did an exchange. Next week it is the church of Jesus Christ for them. It was a very interesting experience, much like missão evangelical. Lots of loud loud loud songs and prayers, and screaming. My ears felt swollen after. But while there I felt an overwhelming sensation of longing to return to the temple. That is gonna be one of the first thing I am going to do when I get back. I miss the temple and most of all the spirit I feel there. 

- we also visited the messianica church. It was soooooo different. It is a espirita church that believes in allan kardec and it is based off of a Japanese church or something. Really weird, I felt all mixed up hearing Portuguese and hearing Japanese music and seeing Japanese writing on the wall and everything. Super different.  But fun experience. They believe in Christ and the bible but had more pictures of these Japanese monk men on the walls and I think mentioned Christ once in the sermon. I am so grateful for the church of Jesus Christ. 

-Felipe - we call him the prince of questions because his name is a prince´s name and he is ALWAYS ASKING QUESTIONS!! But it is actually really fun teaching him. We really have to study and come armed with scriptural evidence. But I worry that he isn't taking a spiritual approach. His brother came to church yesterday we are teaching his brother too. they are both 30 and some odd young men that live with their parents. They are reading and investigating a lot, but still waiting for an answer or not recognizing the answer. 

ooooo gente porque eu não fui chamado para um lugar mais perto de nossa casa. Eu vou sentir tantos saudades daqui. eu vou ter que me casar com um brasileiro kkk! Não quero sair de meu amado brasil.

Life is good. the gospel is true. and this is the last week of the transfer and last week with my first daughter (trainee) and my second daughter is scheduled to arrive next week Tuesday. until next time

sis p 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/14/2013

Hey fam-

This week was good. Yesterday was kind of a bummer because of some things. We got chewed out by this lady - oh my goodness gracious- I have never felt so much hate coming from person just because of our religion. We just sat there and listened and I asked a few questions and it was obvious she didn't know anything about the church, only what her pastor had told her. I tried to explain and to help her understand but she wouldn't let us talk. So we just sat there and listened and listened and listened to this woman proclaim she was a person of God and that God loved here even though she drank and smoke, and drinks coffee, etc. etc. and that we were a Satan worshiping cult etc. etc. and that she doesn't know Mormon etc. etc. After about 1/2 hour of this I asked her if I could say something. And she said yes - I bore my testimony that I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and the He loves her just as much as me and that the church and the Book of Mormon were true because God told me through the spirit. And that I couldn't deny that. There isn't anyone or anything that a person can say that will make me change the path I am on. I ended with a prayer and prayed that God would help her learn to love other people and have respect for other people's differences and that she could be happy. Then we gave goodbye kisses and left. I think she kind of felt stupid after, because she apologized. But she has been corrupting our investigator which makes me mad. She is the mom of Nayara who is the wife of our little elect family who now wants nothing to do with the church. But the husband still believes. And I know everything will work out.  It is always good to suffer a little for the name of Jesus Christ. Makes me appreciate the atonement a little better.

That was last night - but the rest of the week has been filled with wonderful miracles and spiritual experiences. One such was when we were tracting and clapping on doors and we found a woman who said that she had been praying to God to help better her life. She said that she would not enter into His house unless He helped get her life to be better. And then we showed up. She is a really sweet old lady - and I want to help her. Her husband died and she is struggling with a lot of things. I am hoping we can mark a baptismal date with her this week. We will see.

Our one investigator Felipe who is super duper interesting is still reading the Book of Mormon but still thinks that it isn't necessary to go to church and to be baptized by water. Even after I showed every scripture in the bible and Book of Mormon to prove to him, he still has these ridiculous thoughts. But he is a good kid. He will come around. We are bringing the bishop with us to our next visit. He just needs a spiritual experience.

We had interviews this week as well. We have transfers in two weeks and  President said that I will be staying in Campos and I will be training again. So that will be nice. The more advanced in the mission I get - the more I like change. I will miss sister Moyano but it will be fun to have a new comp. It will either be a Brasi or an American. I want the Brasi just to better my Portuguese but we will see. k- my time is up

love you lots