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Monday, February 4, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/4/13

I got my new companion this week. Her name is Sister Leite which means Sister Milk in Portuguese. Everyone jokes about it and calls me Sister coffee. Haha! But she handles it well. She is the first missionary of our mission that the new age limit applies. And to be honest I feel like I am just doing divisions with a young woman from the ward. Everyday is all about princesses, glitter, rainbows, young love, and all the pink and purple jazz. She´s cute, but I feel like there is a large age gap between us. But she has a very strong testimony. She is from Rio. A different part of the state - funny that she was called to serve in Campos. But her family is living in Recife right now. Serving with her is just another testimony to me that God calls small and weak things to compound the wise. This gospel has got to be true if 18 and 19 kids are out there converting people. And I am glad to have another Brazi to perfect my Portuguese. Sis Zeller is still living with me and she got an American. It is so hard to see her struggle with the Portuguese. I am soooo glad that I have already passed that stage. Poor thing. Poor Sis. Zeller too. It is hard to train an American because it is basically you who has to do everything. But things are great.

This week was very normal. We have several people that we are preparing for baptisms. Which I hope and pray I will be able to be a part of. One of them, Sueli, bore her testimony in church. I love hearing my investigators bear their testimonies. Makes me so happy that the Lord is using me to help these people find the truth. I love this gospel and I love how I feel when I am sharing the gospel. This week is Carnaval. And so the festas begin. There will be a lot of drunk men and woman in the street. The majority of the members pack up and go on a camping trip that the ward puts on for the youth. But the missionaries are left to try to find someone ready to hear the gospel. During this time missionary work is not very productive but I am hoping and praying that we can find people to teach.

spiritual thought of the week - Share the gospel with everyone, and when necessary use words.

Love you all.

sis peterson

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