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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/11/2013

This week was a little bit hard. We are clapping on a lot of doors because everyone and their dog (literally- i think there are less dogs in the streets) are at the beach. So we are trying to find the people who are here. Which consists mostly of old grandmas. Where are the old grandpas you might ask? They are in the bars watching their beloved futebol. The season started here in Brazil and I may or may not walk slowly past the bars with big screen TVs to catch little snippets of the games. Haha. Brazilian soccer is belo.
This week a man asked me to marry him on the street. He talked to us drunk and I invited him to church. And then he found us on the street again and said he was a priest and said he wanted me to be his priestess - or in other words his wife. I told him to come to church and that we would talk about Christ. He didn't come to church. Some priest.
Today was p-day and I dragged everyone out bright and early - actually dark and early to watch the sun rise. I really wanted to watch the sun rise on top of our roof. And so we planned this excellent p-day activity. okay maybe I planned this excellent p day activity. But I over calculated the sun. I didn't want to miss is so I got everyone up at 4 30 and the sun came up around 6 30. heh heh - whoops. But it was so beautiful and very worth it. After, I let them all sleep and made a breakfast of french toast, bacon, eggs, and cevada. What a nice person - I know. Just pray that I stay this way after the mish too.
- news from one of my investigators in quissamã. Michelle - she was the one we found that was very spiritually strong but needs her ´husband´ to get a divorce in order that they can get married. Well she goes through these cycles that she believes in everything and then hears something about some doctrine and wants nothing to do with the church. Something that I have discovered is very natural in Brazil. But she lets the spirit calm her doubts and her testimony becomes that much stronger. Well, she had another ´fall´ and she had a dream that she died and went to the Terrestrial Kingdom and was asking people where God and Jesus Christ were. But the people told her they weren't there and that she could not see them. She woke up with the fear that she would end up in the Terrestrial Kingdom. And she is now making large steps in fixing up her situation so that she can get baptized soon and secure her spot in the Celestial Kingdom. I love how individual each person's conversion is. Everyone´s testimony is so different and so unique but based in the same truths. God is such a loving father and he personalizes everything especially for us. I love hearing about people's conversion stories and seeing the hand of God in their lives. God speaks to each of us individually and very personally.
A cool activity to try during your personal studies is to trace your testimony. Go back in time and identify the times where your testimony grew. Because most of our testimonies grow by the drip drop theory we have buckets full of our testimonies that have grown throughout our lifetimes in little drops. It is crucial to remember those drops because it helps us realize how much water we have in our buckets.
Love you all- Happy Carnival! 
sis p

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