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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kylie's letter 2/18/13

I got my flight plans
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I am not ready to come home yet. I think they need a training for returned missionaries. What am I doing?! Okay - so the flight plans totally threw me off. I cant really think. I cant believe I only have two weeks. Only two weeks. okay. stop thinking about it. stop. okay

well this week. 

-talked to an anti American and atheist who expressed his dislike and hatred for our blessed country Sister Leite just wanted to leave. But I didn't want him to win that easily. I stayed and listened quietly and then asked him if he was happy. And he went off on a rampage of seemed like a very sad life and he was trying to pull out reasons of why he was happy I think he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince us. I told him we would pray for him. And I apologized for anything my country or my people ever did to him. Then we left. Poor guy. He said some pretty harsh stuff about us and God. after we were leaving I remember the words that every tongue will confess and every knee will bow with Jesus returns in all of his glory. 

- We are still teaching Felipe and Inácio and they are progressing veeeery slowly. But Felipe said he would come to church this week!!! only Sunday school. BUT this is still a huge miracle. These kids are slow movers. But I am learning so much with them. I think they are one of my favorite peoples to teach. There is no way to prepare for their questions. You just have to read your heart out before the lesson say a prayer and then  go with the spirit. And I know the spirit is present because I learn things while they are asking questions. So things that I have learned with them - Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights which Felipe pointed out could be a foreshadow that he stayed in the tomb for 40 hours - he did the calculations at turned out 40 hours exactly. interesting..... Also the plan of salvation does not talk about outer darkness. EVERYONE asks about Hell. And I have never known exactly what to do, and never really understood why it doesn't talk about it in Preach my Gospel. Inácio commented that it is because the plan of salvation is about salvation. The sons of perdition missed out on salvation and do not inherit a kingdom of glory. And thus we do not talk about it during the plan of salvation. Besides who wants to focus on Hell anyways. Also they asked us why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day SAINTS. We don't believe in saints. And so what´s the deal with that. The spirit taught me on the spot that we as members are saints because this church is the only church that has the gift of the Holy Ghost. And after we become members we gain the gift of the Holy Ghost and we become sanctified through the Holy Ghost--and thus we become saints. Joseph smith once said that the biggest difference between the church of Christ and other churches is that we have the Holy Ghost. And that is why we are saints. Every week we have an opportunity to be sanctified. 

- miracle last night. So a recent convert´s daughter called us last night and told us to come to their house there was an ugly fight going on. Everybody was screaming, breaking things, and lots of tears and chaos. ( the mission is full of drama. just drama. They need to put a family psychology training section in the MTC) There was already a priestess from the husband´s church. And she was in the midst of everything doing nothing just listening. We stepped in and and everyone tried talking and explaining. I told everyone to be quiet and that I didn't want to know what happened or who did what. I then shared the scripture in Moroni 7 about charity and told everything that they needed to develop this attribute of Christ. I talked about Christ and his love. And I told them that they wanted someone to change they need to change first. Nobody has space to point fingers. We are all to blame. Everyone has something that they can change to be better. Then I asked for everyone to kneel and we all said a prayer. everyone. The spirit came back everyone was crying. And I told them to learn to love like Christ loved, and learn to forgive like Christ forgave. Then wished them goodnight and ran out the door. I wanted to leave them at the peak of the spirit. Tania, the member called us later that night and said everyone kept quiet and her husband started reading the Book of Mormon. And the priestess that was there kept saying - they have so much knowledge. It was a cool manifestation to me the authority that missionaries have. Even the priestess recognized that. It was a miracle. Only God can turn the ugliest fight into a home again. 

- love you guys... see you in a few...bleh

sis p 

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