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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kylie's letter 1-28-2013

So...... I will be staying in Camps and training, and actually about the whole extension thing it might be a little longer. Presidente asked me to stay for another three months (2 transfers) to help train all of the new sisters that are coming in. So... we will be seeing each other in May, perfect timing for the sun to start melting all that ice up there. 
This week was great! 

This week we spent without water!! It is always a great surprise to turn on the tap and watch as the water spurts a little and then completely stops. Then it gets really funny when it stays like that for days. The apartment we live in is great - we are lucky if there is electricity, and the bathroom flush works, and we have to water to shower. So basically my life in Campos has been stopped of toilet, sitting in the dark, all sweaty stinky with no way to get clean. Hahaha- just kidding it isn't that bad. We just spent 2 days without water came back for a little bit to shower and then left again, and came back etc. etc. But our toilet is still clogged. This apartment is a beauty. That is all I have got to say. It was the elders that picked it out. 

I also have some great news from Quissamã. One of the ladies I taught there that got baptized and then left the church (Angela) is starting to come back. I sent her the search for happiness book, and Sister Zeller wrote her a baller letter and we both have been praying our little hearts out for her. I knew she would come back. But she is still having problems with her family not supporting her and her whole neighborhood practically. Pray for her. But it was evidence # 678,456, 002 that God hears and answers my prayers. 

This week actually has been really hectic with getting all the reports in to the LZ and assistants and everything - so the journal got left out and thus I don't really remember what happened this week. lets see.....

One of our investigators came to church and she said she felt like she had already been here. I love when people say this. Tons of people say this or they say to us that they feel like they have always known us. This is the spirit bringing back all things to our remembrance. They feel the spirit and they remember the spirit they felt before this life and connect it to the thought they have already known us and been to church but in reality they are just remember the truths that they knew. It is the spirit! 

Random memory of the week. We walk through a ghetto neighborhood that we are not allowed to teach in, to get to the neighborhoods we can teach in. And there is a street with a jukebox and old Brazilian men sit there and change the music and start dancing to the music by themselves with beer and cigarette in hand. haha - one of my favorite memories of Campos. 

Finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the first time. Love that book- cool to look back and see that when I started I had to look up every single word, but now I can go through chapters without having to pick up the dictionary. The Lord´s promises to His missionaries are real! 

Love you guys - stay safe with all that ice! really - I want a family to come back to. 


sis p 

ps. soooo, actually I was just kidding about the whole extension thing. HAHA!  As much as I want to stay for another year and a half let alone 30 stinking days. God told me no -. there is a time and season for everything. I was called to serve a year an half and there are other missions bigger and better that God has in store for me. So, get the preparations started. I want a homecoming complete with signs, music makers, Brazi e US flags, and complete with  a choreographed dance. Deal? Done!  

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