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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kylie's letter 1/21/2013

This week was wonderful. Just like every other week. These are my sweet memories of this week. 

- Açaí with granola and paçoca has turned into one of my favorite foods. It is a type of frozen fruit smoothie and you can put several toppings on it. I am pretty sure it has some natural high or something because we buy it and eat it walking home and at night I can't fall asleep- but it is oh soooo worth it. 

- I finished our heritage this week. during my sleepless nights, I have been reading and I finished it. Mixture of too much açaí and ending the mission subconscious thinking And what a heritage this church has. It is so cool to see the growth of the church in the grand scheme of things. And it is growing so fast here in Brazil. 30 or some odd years ago, my entire mission was a district with 3 branches. And now there are 5 or 6 stakes with another district and many more wards and branches. Next step - TEMPLO EM RIO!!! That is my prayer for these people. 

- Marcus - he is a hard core catholic that goes to mass every single night. We have been teaching him, and through a process of several miracles he has received an answer that this is the true church. We were with him when he said his first pray - his first real pray. Before he was always telling us that he prayed but he was praying catholic memorized prayers to the saints. We taught him how to pray and he prayed for the people in the world that they too could learn about the true gospel through the sisters. After he said amen, he looked at us with a wide eyed grin - and I asked him how he was feeling - he said he was feeling light and happy. and he got goose bumps. He couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't stop smiling either.  Being part of a persons first prayer is such a tender mercy. Helps me remember why I came on a mission to help people feel happy. So happy they can't stop smiling. 

- igreja assembleia. Yesterday we visiting the assembly of God church, it is the church of one of our investigators. The husband is all for the church of Jesus Christ but the wife is super evangelical. So we did an exchange. Next week it is the church of Jesus Christ for them. It was a very interesting experience, much like missão evangelical. Lots of loud loud loud songs and prayers, and screaming. My ears felt swollen after. But while there I felt an overwhelming sensation of longing to return to the temple. That is gonna be one of the first thing I am going to do when I get back. I miss the temple and most of all the spirit I feel there. 

- we also visited the messianica church. It was soooooo different. It is a espirita church that believes in allan kardec and it is based off of a Japanese church or something. Really weird, I felt all mixed up hearing Portuguese and hearing Japanese music and seeing Japanese writing on the wall and everything. Super different.  But fun experience. They believe in Christ and the bible but had more pictures of these Japanese monk men on the walls and I think mentioned Christ once in the sermon. I am so grateful for the church of Jesus Christ. 

-Felipe - we call him the prince of questions because his name is a prince´s name and he is ALWAYS ASKING QUESTIONS!! But it is actually really fun teaching him. We really have to study and come armed with scriptural evidence. But I worry that he isn't taking a spiritual approach. His brother came to church yesterday we are teaching his brother too. they are both 30 and some odd young men that live with their parents. They are reading and investigating a lot, but still waiting for an answer or not recognizing the answer. 

ooooo gente porque eu não fui chamado para um lugar mais perto de nossa casa. Eu vou sentir tantos saudades daqui. eu vou ter que me casar com um brasileiro kkk! Não quero sair de meu amado brasil.

Life is good. the gospel is true. and this is the last week of the transfer and last week with my first daughter (trainee) and my second daughter is scheduled to arrive next week Tuesday. until next time

sis p 

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