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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2: 9/12/11

Hey fam!!!
So I've got 20 min. I'll type as fast as my little fingers will go.
How's life, school, extracurricular activities, church, etc. I would ask how temple attendance is going but now I know at least one member of the fam is going :) Yes, the rumors are true I saw our dear sweet little mother today. While writing names for the temple prayer roll, I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to see someone that looked just like our mom. We hugged I was so excited and happy to see her. It was like finding chocolate your parents have hidden in their closet for a special occasion and eating it without anyone knowing. Well almost like that. As I was hugging her, she started sobbing, then I started crying, then Sister hall my comp started crying too. I said "don't cry" and then we both really didn't know what to do, so we kind of mumbled stuff and then said goodbye. While walking out I thought wait a second, I want to go talk to her. I was so angry I hadn't thought to say anything I was just kind of like a limp next time....I'm ready. Mom what I really wanted to say was "How are you? How's the fam? How was the baptism? How are you liking being home? Have things calmed down? and I love you. But we were both a little flustered. I'll keep my eyes peeled though
Okay so this last week has been absolutely wonderful. First off I want to thank you for the packages and letters. My companions and I ate the M &Ms in celebration of one week. We also used Sister Hall's diabetic pass so we had a security guard come and open the cafeteria for us and we stocked up on treats and had ourselves a little fiesta. It was great.
13 min left....this is soooo stressful.
So I just wanted to get this out. Okay, everyone told me that Satan really works hard on you before the mission. I thought yeah whatever I'll be fine. But they were right. While I was in Illinois I stopped reading my scriptures and saying my prayers and my testimony was at all time low. While there, I really loved what I was doing and was having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I would be putting my career and everything on hold.  I didn't want to go on a mission anymore. I really didn't want to go anymore. So I took this to mean maybe I shouldn't go. So I prayed about it and that is when I really got my answer that I needed to go. Before it was just a whatever- god wants me to pick. But that second time I asked I really got a strong yes. So I grudgingly obliged and said I would go. I came home my testimony was still puttered out. i needed to get that fire I once had but nothing seemed to be working. My testimony was not where it should have been at and that is why I freaked out at the temple because I knew I wasn't ready to make those covenants. Even entering the MTC I was not thrilled to be there  I can't do this! Actually to quote my first journal entry I said "What have I done."
But after this week I can finally say my testimony is where it should be. I am loving missionary work and I love everyday and I love my companions. I am finally experiencing the thirst and hunger for righteousness and personal study time ends way to quickly. Yeah - the language is hard and I am struggling but I know that i need to keep working unwearyingly  and just be patient because I know the language will come and I really don't need much of the language just the spirit. And I am sleeping and not stressed either!!!! Yay:) We had a stress management class which actually made me more stressed because everyone was talking about stressed they were but I wasted stressed. But I got over that. I'm just doing my best and giving the rest to the Lord. So I just you all to know I am happy and loving it here and I know I said last week that I couldn't wait to see you in a year and a half. The truth is I can wait to see you in a year an half. I'm so excited to start really sharing the gospel (not with these silly fake investigators)  with real people wherever I end up. Brazil or not - by the way keep praying for visas!!!!
Okay 5 minutes....aaaaagh this is crazy. quick fun things that have happened this week. I made the mistake of commented that one of our investigators was very attractive...well he became our teacher so now I am the source of constant teasing. Any time I stop to talk to an elder my whole district tells me to stop flirting...whatever. But he really is quite gorgeous. We got to play soccer. Best world cup I've ever seen. We played with sisters from Guatemala, Hong Kong, Kenya, Tonga, Samoa and all over. It was so fun. I love meeting people from all over the world. 2 minutes have seen Rachel pike she teaches Portuguese on my floor love her! Seen Danielle she is doing so well and it was such a happy reunion. Seen Hugh bates.He seemed happy when I saw him on Sunday. I'm telling you Br. Wirthlin was right Sunday always come. The language is coming better I can bear testimony, teach someone to pray, and say a prayer. I can pronounce it all right but I know it will come. Okay times up. Love you all thanks for the letters I would love some pics on email too. Oh you can also send emails because I can just print them off. so whatever will work fine. Love you all!!!!!

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