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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kylie's letter 10/24/11--Last letter from Provo MTC

I am leaving for Brazil tomorrow. Tomorrow. It doesn''t seem real. This last Tuesday we sent off Sister Hall and I kept telling myself ''you are not getting your visa, it''s too soon. you are not getting it'' and I got myself all excited and mentally prepared for my reassignment. And then wham! this last wednesday me and elder vincent in my district got our Visa!! I was so excited and scared and sad and happy all at the same time. It's weird to be praying for something and wishing and hoping for it and then to have it come true it's kind of weird. I feel like I'm living a dream. This mission life doesn''t seem real (so every time I hit the apostraphe button it gives me two like this'' so sorry...) But nonetheless I am so so so very grateful to have recieved my visa. Perfect timing! I got to spend most of the time with my district and will be heading out just before the mission field. There are multiple people that have filled out their electronic long before I have, yet I got my real visa first. It is unheard of to get your visa after three weeks of doing your electronic. So I am very blessed and I really do believe that there is someone or mutliple someones that need me in Brazil because it''s a miracle I am going. I'm leaving Sister connell as a solo sister and I''m leaving the two other elders that are going to vitoria in my district behind too. I hope and pray that they all get to brazil too.
So here''s a brief update on what happened this week. 
Tuesday we sent Sister Hall off at 5 in the morning. And then Elder Scott also came for the devotional and we got to be Ushers for that meeting. It was quite a thrilling experience. I just stood there with my little Usher pin and smiled. But Elder Scott was wonderful!
Wednesday we got to be the new hosts for the new missionaries. Remember how those missionaries came and swooped me up and took me away. That is what I got to do. It was very fun to remember how I was that day and reassure these new sisters that it was all going to be okay. 
Saturday was my last gym time and I got to play another world cup game with sisters from all around the world. I will miss seeing new people from all over the world. 
Sunday - I don''t know if I mentioned this but my companions are extremely musical and they tried to convert me. I have been to choir practice every sunday and tuesday and even tried out for a musical number audition. Next stop broadway. Just kidding. So the choir they kind of expect you to already know how to read notes so we just practice singing the song - they don''t really walk you through your parts. So I do go and sit with my companions and sing the parts I do know. But if it is an arrangement that doesn''t sound anything like the original song I just pretend to be singing. And as far as the musical number audition went I tried out as the page turner. And we made it! Sister Connel sang and Sister Hall would have played but she left so we got another pianist and I turned the pages. It was in front of the whole RS so like 400+ sisters. It was very nerve racking but I managed to do an exceptional job.
And now today is monday, my room is a mess, I am scrambling to pack everything and clean my room and get the last letters sent off. I can''t believe I am finally going to make it to Brazil. Thank you all so much for all of your prayers in my behalf!
I love you so much!
Sister P

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