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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kylie's letter 7-2-2012

oí familía lindíssima!!!


So- I officially have 15 minitinhos left.
This week was awesome. We received 2 new sisters and we are going to do divisions with them this week.
So that will be good. But the ramo - branch is growing so much. And we are working our little tails
off. It has been wonderful.

This is an example of a Sunday in the life of Sis P in quissama.

Woke up at 5 in the morning. Got showered and pedaled off to go wake up and
help our investigators get ready for church. After making the rounds we hop
on a bus and we grab everybody and we go to church with a bus full of
people.  Some are investigators, others are just people on the streets that
wanted to come - The Church of Jesus Christ doesn't deny anyway... so hey
why not. Yesterday we had over 20 nonmembers that came to church, 11 of them
were investigators!!! During church we scramble around and get everyone
situated only to discover that we don't have teachers for some classes -
every Sunday there are members that are missing. We are also working on
strengthening the members here as well--they need it--but we usually end up
winging a few lessons. Which usually never goes well with the
Americans...but whatever. And then I play the piano for Sacrament Meeting
and then after church we say goodbye to everyone with a kiss on two cheeks
and a handshake for the men. And have a quick few mini meetings, and then
off to lunch. I love lunch time :) after lunch we head off and pedal
to the faraway neighborhoods. and teach a bunch of people. . And we
teach until the sun starts setting and we head off back home before it
gets too dark. And when it gets dark all the Brazilian bugs come out. know how the car windshield looks like after a long drive on
the free-way. Well- imagine all of those bugs all over your body and
in your face and nose and mouth. Yep! That is the fun adventure I get
every night. There was this one time a huge something hit me in the eye
and flew away and I didn't even want to know what it looked like, but
it was big. And then we arrive home exhausted but happy.

Also this week we wanted to take a short cut, but ended up in the
middle of a sugar cane field--lost. It was like the the corn field
mazes at Halloween time, but for real life. There were so many
different trails and we were lost for real. We came to a point in the
field where there was 5 different trails branching off from the point
where we were at and the only thing we could see all around us was
acres and acres of sugar cane. And it is pretty tall too. We said a
quick prayer. And chose a path and headed off in the direction we
thought was right and it was ! Yay for the power of prayer. It was
quite the little adventure.

But the work is going super well. We are teaching an elect family
right now - which is a little complicated because the dad works 15
days here and 15 days at sea, and so we are going to stalk him up with
some pamphlets and scriptures. We have 6 baptismal dates marked, and
we are hoping to mark some more and hopoing that the ones we have marked won't
fall through. Things are good! Life is oh so rushed; and miracles are real!


sis p

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