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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kylie's letter 7/9/2012

Soooo...... this week -
My fouth of July started with the anticipated crepes and ridiculously expensive Nutella. Foi maravilhoso! We headed out early and taught a bunch of lessons, and headed back to down town for lunch.  Then in the aftenoon we took a different route to one of the neighborhoods and it was an absoltuely gorgeous road lined with really long slender palm trees. I took some amazing pictures but left my cam in our casa, so until next time. And then when it started getting dark, we headed home.  I enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and  had fireflies for fireworks. I also sang American songs on the way home and just as I was geering up to belt out Cuz I"m proud to be an American"  A bug flew in my mouth and I half choked half fell off my bike,  So I just continued on my way singing in my head and enjoyed the nature silently with portuguese in the background. The day ended with a padaria (bakery!!!! I love bakeries, I always know when we pass a bakery because of the smell, and they sell wonderful tasting products of flour for only 25 centavels = 15 cents. I love brazil) So we stopped at a bakery and I bought a few goodies and we went back home and ate pizza and studied and sang the national athem together. God bless America!!
Other highlights of the week -
We asked one of our investigators what questions she would ask in her prayer and she said she would ask if (pointing to the picture of Joseph Smith) She would ask if Justin Bieber was a true prophet. I almost gave myself an anerism laughing so hard - we all were laughing. Good thing that was cleared up.
Yesterday 10 minutes before Sacrament Meeting the pres. of the branch came up to me and asked if I was prepared to give my talk. And I was like - what - what talk. And he said, didnt you look at the board. So apparently there is this board where they put talk assignments that I didn't know about. So thanks to the wonderful help of the spirit, I threw a few things together and winged it. It was actually a cool stopping point to see the progression of my portuguese - I had nothing written and it was just a bunch of stories and scriptures but it worked out really well. The church is true!
I love listening to people pray here. There is somthing about an investigator's first prayer. It is so sincere. And the recent converts too. They all pray straight from their hearts. And the way they say things is so endearing. They literally are just talking to theirH eavenly Father. And having them pray is always good, because they can hide things from us, but there have been several times that we have had them pray and then their ture feelings come spilling out as they start talking to their Heavenly Father. I think I can be so much better about my prayers and remember who I am speaking to. The power of prayer is huge.
We cut a bunch of our baptismal dates but we are planning to mark a bunch more. The day of 21 of July, hopefully, will be a great day with lots of baptism. thanks for all your prayers, and support and love. Love you all so much.
lov you all

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