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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kylie's letter 11/26/12

Dear family
This week was great. Monday we went to Walmart, which wasn't that great. But whatever. They had cream cheese. But this week was really good. Filled with spiritual experiences.

Our family is wanting to be baptized. I had them say a prayer to confirm everything they were feeling. They had some really cool experiences with opening up to the Bible and the Book of Mormon to inspired verses. It is just going to take forever for them to get married. But we are working on it.
It is so nice to be in an Ala. Everything runs so much smoother and Sundays are actually not stressful. I just sit back and watch the members in action. It is a nice change, I can focus more on being a missionary instead of Sunday school teacher, relief socity counselor, etc.
Highlights of this week –
-          It is getting to be suuuuuper hot.
-          There is a man from Bahia that wants to marry me
-          We ate homemade tacos with homemade tortillas!!! Thanks to my nifty difty recipe book I brought along
-          Cockroaches in my suitcase
-          We taught a profeta (a young girl) who claimed she had the authority
I love this area. And I love being a missionary. And I love preaching the gospel. I was talking with Sis Z who is living with me (tender mercy) and we were talking about some missionaries who are wanting to get back to real life. And as we were talking we concluding that the mission is as real as life get. When it all comes down to it. What we do everyday is the only thing that really matters. Helping others and ourselves come closer to Cristo to one day inherit eternal life which is the greatest of all gifts. I don’t know about you guys – but I am pretty excited for eternal life. So – spread the love this holiday season and help everyone remember what real life really is. When our joy will be completed and we will live in a state of never ending happiness. (way better than the fairy tales – and they lived happily ever after…)

Love you guys
Sis P

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