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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kylie's Letter 12-3-12

CRAZZZZZY! it is already december. And it is nice and HOT! Time is just flying by! And things are going great. I think we are going to have a baptism this next week. It is the mom of the family we are teaching she is working on quitting smoking. Pray for her to have strength to stop. Her name is MARa. 

But this week was great! here are the highlights. 

- the family we are teaching asked us to be godmothers. So I now have three god daughters and I will be the one to carry the rings down the aisle. Shique huh! 
- One of my goddaughters has lice and I did her hair this Sunday. I have been washing my hair with vinegar this week to prevent lice. okay- so maybe I am a little over the top but I really dont want lice. So I have smelled like salad dressing all week. 
- My family from Quissamã came to stake conference yesterday. It was a great reunion. And My family that I taught for the last 3 months I was there, are getting married and baptized next week. So me and Sis Z are gonna try and work somthing out to get to see the wedding and the baptisms and do our baptisms here as well. There will be just too much happiness next weekened I dont know if I will be able to handle it. 
- spiritual moment--thought of the week. I have been learning how to be a good leader. And guess what it is? The same thing as missionary work. To be a missionary we help people come unto Christ throught faith, repentance, making and keeping sacred covenants until the end. And guess what- that is the same thing you should do with anyone and everyone. The real way to help people is the help them let Christ help them. And that is throught increasing their faith that will then lead them to repentance and the desire to keep their covenants. It all starts with faith and their relationshiop with God and their Savior and everything else just falls into place. 

But that is all for this week. Dan sent me a bunch of pics. And oh my goodness MASON IS HUGE!!!!!! weird wierd weird. 

Love you alll super duper muito muito. 


ps The pic is of me and my zone. My little comapnion is on the far left. And I am on the far right. Just in case you didnt recongize me . 


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