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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kylie's letter 12/10/12

This week has been super duper hot. It was 105 Saturday. yeah. 105 and sunscreen and church clothes don't really mix. Here in Rio they have the custom to do 2 kisses instead of 1 on the cheek when you greet people and I have been opting for the oí tudo bem? and end it at that. Who wants to kiss a sweaty missionary that has been walking in the sun the whole day.
This week has been good. We are preparing a Senhora that is trying to stop smoking. Today is her goal to stop completely. She needs prayers. Her name is Mara. She is really sweet. She said she prayed for God to help her find a church a place that she could call her own and we showed up at her door clapping. Cool how God works isn't it?! Her date is for this Sunday I hope all turns out well.
And our little family is progressing too. They still need to get on the ball with the wedding.
Funny stories of the week are: elect scorpions and the law.
There has always been scorpions in every area, but here there are elect scorpions. I had gotten to the point of thinking that men don't really stop us to talk to us about religion. I had stopped being gullible and thinking that they actually want to hear something about the gospel. So with this attitude, I have just started to tell them to come to church and then we can talk. To my utter surprise they have been coming to church. One guy in particular ran (literally was sprinting after us and yelling for us to stop) after us yesterday and started talking about what church we were from and then started talking about English and my heritage and etc. etc. And he tried to get our information but I was not buying it. I told him we weren't here to talk to people about life and to play around etc.But we are here to baptize people, and if he wanted to talk about the gospel he could. And he was trying to be all convincing and saying things like - yeah I want to talk about the gospel I want to change my life etc. Etc. I wasn't buying it. I finally told him, that I know the men here and I have never had anyone run after me to talk about religion. He finally got on to what I was meaning. And he said, no I am not interested in you. (In my head I am thinking yeeeah right) Then I said - OK then go to church and if you go we will get your address and start visiting you. Then he asked me my name and got my name and started to leave. Very annoyed  and wanting to catch him in his words - I said - don't you want to know her name (pointing to Sister Moyano). And he said No and then did a double take realizing exactly what he just did and said that actually he did want to know her name. HA! I told you so... 
 MEN!!!!! What they will do for blond hair and blue eyes. And to my utter surprise. He came to church. He is the second of these elect scorpions that follow through with commitments. And we got his address. We will see how it will go. I have a very strong testimony that even scorpions can be touched by the spirit. So we will see how it goes. His name is Bruno.
Also this week we have had several people ask us if we are from the law and if we are CIA agents. Yep that is right. What a great undercover disguise. One particular encounter we were looking for a less active that apparently is in jail. And the man we asked for information. such as if he knew him, and where he lives etc. asked us if we were from the law. And we kind of laughed and said, "No". Then he got all scared and kept saying, - "No, I don't know anything, I don't know anything. Nope - Nothing".
Haha. Yep - we are from the Celestial law. I would be pretty scared too if two girls in cute flowery dresses and skirts showed up at my door.
Good luck with finals and wedding stuff. Remember that Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and the mission he came to accomplish. To pay for our faults, weaknesses, and sins. But He lives. And we will too.
 Spread the love. Proclaim the joy. And share the gospel!
love you all

This is me and my cute little companion in the rain the one rainy day. here is way dryer than Vitoria. I like the sun better than the rain.

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