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Monday, November 21, 2011

Kylie's letter 11-21-11

This week was my many week of firsts.

This week I had my first açai bowl. It was like catching a glimpse of what the fruit of the tree of life might taste like. Its wonderful. Its basically just this frozen berry all purreed with granola and brazilian nuts and fruit chunks in it. Oh gosh. Its so good.

I also had my first cahhorro quente. Or my first hot dog Brasi style. It is a hotdog with a million toppings. In short it puts the chicago dog to shame. It has the dog, chicken, avocados, peas, corn, raisins (weird I know), all sorts of sauces ( brasilians eat ketchup and mustard with everything including their pasta and pizza...nasty), and these little mini french fries things. It was messy but so good. The meal was completed with a cup of garana - another brazilian delicacy. Type of soda they have here made from some special fruit.

First choclate quente - hot chocolate brasi style. Basically just warm pudding. This week it has rained and rained and rained. They have a saying here that the more it rains on your mission the more attractive your husband will be. The this rate- he is going to quite the attractive man. Brazil has a lot of problems with flooding because it rains so much. Not so much here but more in the south. Even still the streets fill up with several inches of water. On are way home we walk along a very busy very fast road. Like right next to it. There are also these humongous buses they have here that people squeeze onto like sardines and they go so fast and its really fun to ride in them better than lagoon. Anyways - so we are walking home and we are right next to this road and all of the sudden three of these buses go barreling past. And literally three tidal waves come crashing over us. I say tidal waves because they were up over our heads. we couldnt really do anything about it expect just keep walking home. Instead of holding our umbrellas over our heads we started hoding them to the side of us to help lessen some of the splashes. It was quite the adventurous and very wet night.

Mom asked about some of the people we are teaching.
Senior Pedro the 94 year old man. He is so cute and I can now understand a few phrases here and there. He doesnt have any teeth so It is really hard to understand. He is the founder of the prebysterian church here in brazil and thus is struggling letting that go. He also really likes our visits. And so things have been a little stagnant. But this last week  sister powell was very bold and basically told him why we are here and that he needs to start keeping his commandments and that he will be baptized because he will receive an answer. And he was a little shocked but he said he would talk to the pastor and start making those changes he has been stalling on doing.
Rodrigo we found after clapping at door after door. He was the least likely canidate he was dragging a cigarette with no shirt on (so basically everyone here just lounges around in their underwear all day everyday. Its great - wish I could join them) Anyway he invited us in and got really excited and interested about the gospel. He has some problems with drugs and the next time we taught him pretty sure he was high. he has a lot of faith and i hope we can help me change his life around.
Élio - He is an awesome guy. He has had all of the lessons but wants to learn more. He has read the book of mormon and believes it is true but wants to learn more. He is reading Jesus christ too. Golden right? We have been trying to find why he wont get baptized and he says he doesnt want to follow a church he just wants doctrine. He has such a hunger and thirst for more knowledge we keep telling him that the only way he can begin to satisfy that is after baptism and after he recieves the gift of the Holy Ghost which will reveal to him so much more, but he is pretty sure he wont get baptized.
Those are some of the main people we are focusing on right now.

The language is still hard, I still dont speak it, but whatever. it will come. The brazilians I live with are really good about asking me the names of everything in portuguese. So I have learned some very useful everyday conversational vocab such as dustpan, ladle, scrub brush, and other such things around the house. I have very small victoris throughout the day. Some victories this week included using future subjunctive and imperfect subjunctive in my lessons. Whoohooo!!! It took me probably two minutes to conjugate the sentence in my head but I did it. Cant wait for the moment when they think Im a Brasi. Everyone thinks Im German. Apparently they have these german colonies that live in the mountains that are blond hair and blue eyed like me. Ive also had someone think I was italian - made me laugh a little inside. I guess my voice influctuations were a little bit too much. oh well.

Life is good. Brazil is amazing. And Im so sad i missing all of that wonderful thanksgiving food this week. Eat some pie for me okay. Love you all and I am so grateful for you and your prayers and this gospel. I am trying to be grateful for peoples agency because there are so many times throughout the day I just want to force them into believing these things. But such is life.

Beijos! (kisses)

Sister p

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