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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kylie's letter 11-28-11

sorry this has to be real quick. I tried downloading photos today and i am still trying to figure this out.

but here goes.

this week was so good! I got your letters too! It took less than fifteen days. It has been raining raining raining. and i was informed it will continue raining until feb and then it will get really really hot. So I am enjoying the perfect warm weathered rain while it lasts.

heres the scoop in vitoria brazil. so in our area we have a neiborhood that is called jardim camburi and it is an hour walk to get there and it is a nicer part of town lots of apartment building with gates where you cant go and clap on doors. so it has been very worked over. but we have been starting to work there a little more. my thoughts were who are we to stay where we will and wont work. so we have been making the hour walks there and finding so many people.

one girl we found we found pushing on all the intercom buttons talking to people in their apartments. at first a male voice came on the phone and i said our little speal... and then a very excited female voice came on the intercome and started talking really fast and i didnt really understand. but she told us to wait and so she came down and talked to us. she said she had received all the lessons as a 14 year old but her dad wouldnt let her be baptized so the missionaries lost contact. she is now 18 and we have found her again and her boyfriend are both interested in the gospel still. and they are not living together!!!!! yay!!!!

another gal we talked to was just bawling and she said she had to leave to work but she really wanted to hear her message. so we came back the next day and she told us that growing up she really wanted to know which church was true her mom was hard core catholic. so she went to a whole bunch of different churches and decided to join 7th day adventist. her mom wouldnt let her get baptized so she snuck out at night and got baptized. she was 14. now she is a mother of 2 children. and 3 months ago her brother died in a really sad tragic way. the family is taking it really hard. he didnt have faith so they are worried about him. she has been praying that god would send someone and then we showed up. we taught her the second lesson and I slaghtered everything. but miracles of miracles we decided to practic e the second lesson that morning so it wasnt as bad as it would have been. but the spirit was so strong and she said she could feel the spirit of our hearts and she really wants to believe the things we said are true.

So excited for this week and to continue working with these people.

love you all! and hope you are all doing well.

sister peterson.

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