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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kylie's letter 5/14/2012

I am in the city of Téofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais. And here there are a bunch of different neighborhoods. Some are super nice and ritzy like the house I was in when I skyped. We live in this neighborhood. And we have a really  nice apartment, but you would never ever know because there have been countless years of elders living there. But it's liveable. And there aren't so many cockroaches now. The neighborhoods in our area are super duper poor. Like two room houses with a whole family, dirt floors, dirty everything. Kids wear the same clothes ever day etc. But these people are so happy! This city is famous for precious stones, people from all over the world come to buy the stones that are mined here. Minas is famous for cheese. Soccer is as popular here as it is in Vitoria just that people root for different teams. I am still trying to find my inner team--it is a toss up between Flamengos and Cruzeiros.

But this week:

Estefani - he is progressing super well, and is the investigator of gold. He was a reference from someone in the church and he and his family and constantly support Estefani and helping him integrate in the church and supporting him. This is how missionary work should be with the members. He is really searching and studying to know if this is right. He accepted the word of wisdom without hesitation and was asking about what music he should listen to. He also asked if he should play soccer on Sunday and we said no and explained why and he gave it up--which is HUGE for these Brazilians. Soccer and Sunday go together like Frosting and cake. He just needs a really strong spiritual experience and testimony builder. He has a date set for May 26

Random thing of the week  We always see these kites in the sky and they are little homemade kites from grocery bags. We were walking by a bunch of street boys flying these kites and we stopped to talk to them. All of the sudden they stopped talking to us and they started frantically pulling in the line and everyone was looking at the kites. Its a game they play here. They have kites with string with little miniscule pieces of glass they use to cute the other kites string and so with proper maneuvering the battle of the kites begins.  Their fingers get little cuts and bleed because of the string.
Also this week - spiritual thought. I was reading more about the church in the New Testament and 1 Cor 12 talks a lot about how the church is a body with Christ at the head. Paul goes on to talk about how the members make up the parts of the body, he talks about apostles and prophets, etc. At this point the reader is thinking - Oh I am just a member - I might be a part of the body, but definitely not something vital. To respond to this doubt Paul says in verse 12 that all the feeble parts are necessary. Thus I concluded I may just be a pinky toe in the body of the church, but everybody needs a pinky toe and I am going to be the best pinky toe this church has ever seen!

We are all important in the eyes of God. and we all have our own gifts and talents that are necessary in the building up of the kingdom!
 Love you so much!  


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