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Monday, May 7, 2012

Kylie's letter 5/7/2012

My dearest of dear little family,

My favorite part of p-day is this little hour I have to sit at this computer and read your emails and send you emails. It is an hour filled with lots of love and happiness. I think the celestial kingdom will feel like this.

This week - the work here is ho hum. We are still teaching Joice and Merivauldo and family. They are not taking huge steps in progress but they are still interested. They haven't come to church the past three weeks, so we might have to cut them and move on...but I not going to give up on them yet.

We are also teaching Estefane - a reference from one of the members. He is super quiet, and very pensive and thoughtful, I think he will get baptized. He has been coming to church and doing the readings, but he won't accept a baptismal date because he doesn't feel ready....but I really like him.
He was a reference from Pedro, who when we came here was going through the repentance process, and he couldn't do anything--pray, speak in church, take the sacrament etc etc. But he stayed firm in the church. Now he is the president of the elders quorum and he is like a lion that has been kept in a cage way to long. He has a lot of fire in him and he is helping this branch a lot. It was really cool to me to see the repentance process and to see the thirst and hunger he has and all that he is doing. He has been helping us a ton - doing visits with us, he is teaching seminary now, he is also the step in missionary leader, and he has been helping us plan activities and carry them out with the youth here. It was a Testimony to me that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. And it is so worth it, to go through the painful process of repentance to receive the new clean slate and to get to start over again. I love this gospel, every time I teach, it is another testimony to me that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much and he will provide us every possible opportunity to reach our full potential and live with Him again someday. We all have mansions and thrones waiting for us in the Celestial Kingdom, but it is up to us to get there. I know that every sacrifice, every trial we go through will all be worth it in the end.

Random happenings of the week:
- everyone here loves to help the lost missionaries find the street they are looking for. They will go way out of their way to help us and walk us to the location we are looking for. They are way helpful to the point it is a little bit frustrating. But when we are ready to stop looking for a bogus address that someone gave us, these die hard Brazilians will walk with us and knock on every door to find this address that doesn't exist. Well, on one of these days, we had an old man, 102 years old, walk with us to help us find a street. We didn't even ask him but he told us he would take us there, and what would have been a 10 min. walk ended up being 45 min. It was well worth it though - he rambled about all the people he knew in every single house. These mineiros just love to help.
- the other day we clapped on a door of an old man who played the accordion. He played and sang for us. He was the first catholic I have met that has read the bible (3 times no less) and liked and accepted other religions. It was so fun to listen to and watch him play! I took a video of him and I will try to send it.

Love you all!! Cant wait to talk to you next Sunday too!!!!


The pics are of some of the widows here that I love so much. They say the funniest things. One of them commented about the Pearl of Great Price (in Portuguese it is the Pearl of Great Value) and she said she didn't really like the book and didn't think it had very much value. The other one always strokes our stomachs and tells sister J she is losing weight and I am gaining. There's a pic of some vultures eating a dog. and a pic of the green beautiful hills of Minas, and the accordion man. oh and there is a pic of me in front of a gym rec center appropriately names scorpions.... this area is full of them.    Enjoy

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