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Monday, April 30, 2012

Kylie's letter 4/30/2012

This week was wonderful. And you all now have a sister/daughter that has shook/shaken (my English is going down the drain) the hand of an apostle!!

Our adventure began Tuesday night when we traveled with our zone full of elders on a 10 hour bus ride to Vitoria. Pretty sure I only slept 1 or 2 hours. I kind of felt bad for the other people on the bus, and hope our elders didn't ruin the church's reputation.... we arrived in Vitoria and had several tender mercies of seeing members in my previous ward. It was really good to catch up with them. Elder Cook came and we all got to shake his hand and he talked to us about our work here. He told us it is just as important to reactive people as it is to baptize. He was involved with the creation of preach my gospel and it was cool to hear how all that came about. He also gave us an apostolic blessing that we and our families would receive many blessings because of our missions. But I think my favorite part was when he just bore a simple testimony of Jesus Christ. As an apostle, he is a special witness of Jesus Christ and every time they bear testimony about the Savior and the gospel it is always super duper packed with the spirit. It was great! After we headed back to the bus station to wait forever for our 10 hour bus ride back. We played a lot of Uno in between and I was so exhausted when we got back basically having 2 days straight with no sleep. But it was all worth it.

Also this week I ate my first chicken foot. whenever we have chicken I usually fish around for a part that looks edible always avoiding the nasty looking parts like the neck, back, and feet. But one lunch one of the irm├ús she just plopped the foot on her plate and started eating it. And I thought.... what the heck, I´ve only got one life to live. So I grabbed the other foot and ate it. It was the weirdest texture. It was like eating a big chuck of skin with little tiny knuckles crunching at every bite. Yum!

Also the weather is apparently getting colder. The members are telling us to get ready for the cold season. One of the members has long garments for the winters here. They are also selling little sweat suits for kids in the stores. We asked some members what temperature it gets and she told us 20 degrees. after calculating it to Fahrenheit we discovered winter here is in the  60´s. Hahaha, I think these people would die if they  came to Utah--so I am excited for some really nice weather here.

We are also teaching a little family. Joice, Maurivaldo, Yasmine, and a little boy ...I cant remember his name. I contacted them on the street and Joice said she was looking for the true church of God. We have only taught them 2 lessons so far but I hope they will continue to progress and gain a testimony.

Johnny and Cassio are doing great. We had some struggles with them the last couple of weeks they didn't come to church but the branch is started to be a lot better with integrations and such so they are good. Love those kids.

Life is good and the church is true!

love you all sooo much



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