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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kylie's letter 4/16/2012

this week....

Quick Easter traditions of Brazil. They celebrate the week of Easter.  They call it the week of the saints. They have a huge fish market all week because all of the Catholics don't eat meat during this week. So we ate a lot of fish that week. Saturday they have a little party and they have a pinata of Judas. They hang him and hit him until he breaks. What a lovely Easter tradition to remember right?!.... Sunday is filled with lots and lots of chocolate. They don't have jelly beans or candies like that, just chocolate. Huge chocolate hollow eggs filled with more chocolate candies. We got a few of them from the branch and Presidente. Everyone and their brothers go to church that Sunday night. Walking home back to our apartment we just walked and listened to all the preachers yelling and preaching and speaking in languages; because literally there are churches every other building here in Brazil.

Our recent converts Johnny and Cassio are doing really well. They have so many questions and are so excited to receive the priesthood and it is so good to see this desire and hunger in their eyes for things about this gospel. After baptisms, investigators have to receive all the lessons again, in addition to a few new lessons about temples, priesthood, family history work etc. Johnny and Cassio complain when we share a message about something we have already taught, they want new stuff, and they are asking some really deep questions. Right now we are trying to integrate them into the branch better to make sure they stay there. We are also teaching their aunts and another cousin, so hopefully this next transfer will bring more baptisms.

Oh transfers are this week too. Nothing changed....i will be staying here with sister Johnson in Yeofilo Ontoni (the city in Minas that we are in...) But things are good. I feel like I have reached my avatar state as a missionary and we are working really hard. I have a lot of hope for this next transfer.

Thanks again for all your prayers and love and letters.

Love you all so much


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