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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kylie's letter 4/9/2012

We had two wonderful baptisms this Saturday. It was wonderful. Saturday morning we had a rush trying to figure out how to first empty the font because it still had water in it from a few weeks ago and then clean it, and then we couldn't find the jumpsuits for the baptisms and we also were lacking in priesthood holders to do the ordinances but everything worked out and they were baptized Sat. and confirmed yesterday. Cassio mentioned that the water was freezing and Johnny said, "Really, I didn't even notice." Johny was so ready and so happy and excited to get baptized. He didn't smile in any of the pictures though, little stinker.

Some of their little cousins came and they said they want to get baptized too. We started talking to their parents and looks like more baptisms will follow here pretty soon. Transfers are next week, who knows if I will stay or not. I love these boys and their families, I've got my fingers crossed I will stay here.

Quick story about my scorpion (scorpion - here in the mission there are snakes and scorpions, snakes are girls that just want to flirt with the elders and scorpions are men that just want to flirt with the sisters). I have never had any real problems just a bunch of old men in bars when we walk past always comment about something. But Christiano stopped us in the street and grabbed our number and said he would go to church etc. etc. He called us several times and Sis. J answered, but he wanted to talk to me, he told me (after talking to him for like 3 minutes on the street) That I was the coolest, nicest, most humble, person he had ever met and wanted to mark a day that we could eat dinner together. Ha! I told him I couldn't but we would mark a date that we could talk about the gospel at a members house that he knows and talk more about the gospel. He hasn't called again.

 Life is good!

Love you all soooo much!


Sent pics of the baptism, my area, and the boys we are teaching - they are such goof balls. love them so much


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