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Monday, April 23, 2012

Kylie's Letter 4/23/2012

So another week came and went and I have got some great news......we are going to get to listen to an apostle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Cook is coming this week, which means I have 12 hours on a bus to Vitoria, a few hours of wonderful spiritual upliftment and maybe a handshake as well, a few more hours waiting at the bus stop and 12 hours back to Minas! It is going to be a long few days but so worth it. There was a little scare last week that we wouldn't be able to come because we are so far away and it is super expensive to have everyone get shipped in. but Presidente pulled some strings and we get to go!!!!

This week was pretty uneventful, I was looking in my journal to find things to write in the letter but didn't write anything this week. We cut a lot of investigators that are not progressing. but a new quorum president was called and he is super gungho about missionary work and has so many great ideas and he is just what we need to help this branch grow a little more. We made a mission plan for the branch this week with some great ideas and great goals so we have a lot of hope for this little branch these next couple of months.

Life is good, sun is hot (although everyone is telling us that it gets really cold here in the next month, they are selling coats, and little jumpsuits for kids and such, but I have my doubts. These people don't know what cold means), and the church is true. Love you all

sister p

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