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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kylie's 2 letters, Aug. 6, 2012

My Dear family.                                                                                                          8/6/12

Que alegria! I am so sad that summer is coming to end. I am sad too because this transfer is coming to an end. And Sister Cunha will be heading home. But is has been such a good three months with her. But I am excited for the next transfers coming up, can’t believe how fast the time is going. Aaaagh! Love the mission- recommend it to any person. viu!

Ok - so this week´s stories:
- Andreza got baptized!!! Wooohoooo! It was the most unorganized hectic day of my entire life and I was soooo stressed out. Her baptism was planned for the same day of a festa quadrilha in the church and we planned to do it before. But our leader of missionary work in the branch didn’t fill the baptismal font and on the day of the baptism there was no water. So.....we started running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We ran to go talk to people with water trucks but they jacked up the price, ran back to the church to try to get hoses to link to other water boxes in other parts of the building. Which worked, but it was two hours before the baptism, and we only had a little bit of water. The hour of the baptism arrived, we had investigators that were there for the party but there were no members (common in brazil for everyone to arrive hours late), and the baptismal party arrived and our leader of the missionary work in the branch hadn’t organized the program......To make a looooong story short. She was baptized 8 o´clock at night, in shin deep water. She had to kneel down, and the guy who baptized her was super nervous and she had to be baptized three times. And the program was quickly thrown together. Ai ai ai, but I learned my lesson. If you want something done right you have got to do it yourself. The others sisters said they felt the spirit so I was glad about that. And Andreza had a cute attitude she joked that she had to be baptized three times because she had that many sins. Haha, cute girl. She and carol are the start of a wonderful work in the area we are working in. Vamos lá.

Three min left...

Know that I love you all. And know that Michele is back in church and she is okay. She made a deal with the Holy Ghost and wanted him to show the truths that she doubted and He did! I love her!

tchau tchau!

write more next time.

love you all


Okay - I have a little bit more time,

So we had the baptism And it was a little hectic but great. And the quadrilha (which is a basically a country dance of hillbillies with lots of food) I was working at the fishing station (you know the little fishing thing to get prizes) and all of the kids were pouting and complaining about what prizes they got and fighting in line. And they would call me titia, which is like auntie - a type of endearing word better than the normal tia (aunt) they called me titia (cheecheea) with their little pouty complaining. That day was a looong day and tested all of my attributes of Cristo that I have tried to gain. Actually I think they all left me that day. :D

- Funny food story of the week: we ate lunch at the house of Michele are golden investigator that is now back to believing (thank to the Holy Ghost and lotttssss of prayer) she served us chicken gizzard. Which tastes like chicken but has an organ texture (not the normal muscle texture). It wasn’t the yummiest thing I have eaten in my life. She was sitting across from us feeding her three year old and chatting away. She mentioned that her little girl didn’t like the meat so she kept telling her that she would turn into a princess after she ate everything on the plate. I was struggling too with the meat. I sat and watched this little girl take spoonful after spoonful quietly and obediently dry heaving/gagging in between bites. The poor thing. Her mom didn’t notice she just kept talking about turning into a princess. Needless to say- we both turned into princesses...

- Spiritual moment of the week - yesterday was testimony meeting. I love testimony meeting!!! The spirit here is different in Brazil because the majority of the people are recent converts. These are the pioneers of the church in Brazil. You can feel that same fiery spirit that the pioneers of old had who trekked across the plains. I love being about of this marvelous work and a wonder. Remember to look for and pray for missionary opportunities in your lives back home too. You will be surprised to find how many people the Lord puts in your path! Love this gospel!

and Love you all!!

sis P

our trip to the beach, and Maçadinha (a historical place where slaves were kept on a plantation type thing), me and my Querida companheira, and me with a plant of madica!!! I think in English it is cassava. But we eat the roots and it is super duper delicious roasted with butter. MMMMMMmmmm! Planning on trying to pass customs with some of that stuff. 

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