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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kylie's Letter 8-20-12


My new companion is Sister Margarette Zeller. She is super sweet and
will be a great companion. She has 4 months in Brazil, but she
speaks very well, she doesn't speak a whole ton, but her accent is
great. I am hoarse  right now because I have been talking waaaay too
much. I need to learn how to let her talk more and do the contacts.
But hey- I'm getting a lot of Portuguese practice in. She is from
Oregon, a geography major at BYU and another tall blond hair blue eyed
American. We make quite the pair riding our bikes with our helmets.

We are working super hard here, we are planning on doing a fireside
on patriarchal blessings, and doing a training for the leaders
here on how to do a ward counsel meeting. Everything is waaaay
  unorganized here and I am trying to fortify the ramo as well as be a
missionary. It's kinda hard to be a missionary and a member at the same
time. The members at present rely waaay too much on the missionaries
and I am trying to help them realize all the things that they need to
do and see that it isn't our responsibility but theirs. I think it is getting
better. I love this little branch much. And they deserve a chapel.
That is one goal we are working for.

So this week started with my companion fainting, the first day on the
bike was a little rough. Poor thing. I have had to learn to slow down
my pace waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. But yeah, she fainted the first day
and I am sooooo grateful it was in the house of a member and not in
the street. And me being such a wonderful companion I left her in the
house of the member and carried another member on the back of my bike
to go do visits.Poor thing, but it worked out well. It was a long hard
day but good. It ended with an awesome lesson with a amazing family
who sat and devoured everything that I said, they were sooo respectful
and wanted to learn the whys about everything. Why I was on the
mission, how the gospel has blessed my life, why the gospel is
important for me. I hope the book of Mormon does its magic with them.
Pray for them. Natanel, Angela, Lu, and Natalia. I clapped on their
door right as they were headed out for church and they said no - we
want to hear what you have to say and for sure it will be just as good
as what we would hear in church. (elect!!!) we will see what happens.

But the work continues, the sunny days are returning, and it is
getting hot again.

Love you all!!


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