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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kylies letter 12-13-11

Oí familia,

sorry for the delay in emails. Yesterday was transfers and we had a big mission conference. Everyone in the mission we got together for lunch and a Christmas party. It was very fun. Then we all said goodbyes and headed off to our new areas. Sister Powell and I will remain in the same area for this next transfer. I am grateful for this because I still get lost all the time and I am just beginning to know the members of the ward. So this next transfer should be really good. We did get two new sister missionaries for roommates. Sister Johnson (American) and Sister Viera (Brasi). I am excited to get to know these sisters a little better. There are only 12 sisters in the whole mission and only 4 including me are Americans. By the end of the mission I will hopefully have been companions or lived with many of them. We had four other sisters sleep at our house these past couple days because of transfers and the conference. Its just been a really crazy week.

This last transfer was a little crazy to. Sister Powell for sure ripped her ACL. She got the results back from the MRI this past week. But she is determined to stay this one last transfer to finish my training. and then she needs to go back and get surgery. She has been walking on a torn ACL for 1 year. The Dr. said it has become inflamed which is why it is really hurting right now. She is a very determined and faithful missionary and I have learned so much from her.

As far as investigators, we have cut quite a few people and a lot of people have lost interest. Brazil is full of a lot of loving accepting people. That believe in what we say, and believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, but yet believe that all pathways lead to God. But tudo bem! Our most promising investigators are still Adrinana the girl who lost her brother 4 months ago. She has been moving so we lost contact with her for a little bit, but I hope we can catch her again this week. And also Miguel and JoseErica. The girl who wanted to get baptized but couldn't because she was 14 and her dad wouldn't allow it.

I am very excited to see who the Lord has prepared for us this transfer and to see the small miracles and tender mercies every day.

Happy Holidays, hope you are all enjoying the snow, (its still wet here. Cant light a match because its so humid and wet it just goes out - so we haven't done a lot of cooking. We have a gas oven) And good luck with finals this week!!!

beijos (kisses)

sister Peterson

Answers to Svetlana (a friend from Russia) email -
 By the way, is your mission president American?
He is Brazilian and from Forta Leza - up North. They have very different accents there and it is very hard for me to understand him, but he is a recent convert. The missionaries found him and he became a bishop a year later and now he is a mission president!

How many missionaries are there in you mission?
We have 130 missionaries and 12 of which are sisters.

Do you have to call your district leader every night when you get home?
He calls us and so do the zone leaders and the assistants. I dont really know why they all have to call us. I just think they are really gung ho about their callings so that's good.

How many people are there in your district? 
There are about 8 missionaries in our district.

Have you met any Russians there? 
I have not met any Russians. But one of the members thought I was Russian. Ha ha! That was a first. Usually they think I am German.

Do you have your p-day till 6 p.m.?
Yep, p day ends at 6 pm every Monday.

Do a lot of people in Brazil speak English?
Not a lot of people. They all learn very basic phrases in English and they all say those phrases to me when I walk by. For example one man said to me. Hello, how are you, what is your name, 123456. At first I really thought he spoke English, but after he started counting i realized he was trying to show off his English. ha ha.

Does anyone in your ward speak English well?
there is a family here that speaks very well. One of the daughters who is my age and is going on a mission as well speaks very well. she goes tracting with us all the time. there are a few others and they all love to practice English with us.

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