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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kylie's letter 12-19-11

Merry Christmas Next Sunday!!!!!

So here is the low down for this week.

This week was really weird. I spent a few days at home or at the dr. Office with sister Powell. She is getting sent home today. And I will stay here in a trio. This week has just been weird. We will say tchau to Sister Powell today and my new companions and trainers are Sister Johnson - an American from Arizona and Sister Viera. A Paulista (brasi from São Pãuolo.) I am loving them both and learning so much. Sister Viera is a convert with 8 years under her belt. she was catholic before but now has such a hard core testimony and is such a powerful little missionary. She is teeny but is not scared to talk down anyone. Her dad died the first month of her mission and she told me that God has a purpose in everything. She was hoping going on a mission would cure her father. But when he died she knew it was Gods will. She invites anyone and everyone to church. The only problem with being in a trio is I don't speak very much in the lessons. And these two haven't been trained for my training that I still need 5 weeks of. Ideally I should be the one guided the lessons and planning and everything. I will talk to them and get everything straightened out.

Random happenings of the week.

We were clapping at a house and a dear sweet little darling girl came out of the house with her grandma. The grandma politely told us to go away but this little angel of a child. Started saying. You cant come in my grandmas house. You are Ugly, ugly, ugly. You cant come in my grandmas house.... I hope Santa heard her and gives her black coal for Christmas.

Started teaching two young men really want to know whether this is true or not. One of them already knew the scripture of James 1 v 5 before we read it. I have got great hope for those two. They are actually praying and asking and reading the BOM. what a miracle.

Some really old drunk man asked me for pornography. I should have given him a book of Mormon but we just kept walking.

President told us this week that our area is the hardest area and we have the flakiest ward in the district. So the good news is my areas will only get better after this transfer. I really really want to have a baptism in this area. It has been awhile.

The Christmas tradition here is to eat a traditional meal of ham and turkey, macaroni salad, and this cake bread thing that is only sold during Christmas time it is really good. then party all night until midnight . open presents. party the rest of the morning until everyone is passed out with hang overs. Yeah!

News years tradition. Everyone dresses in white and goes to the beach to watch fireworks. Then there is this Sea Queen Saint statue thing that people write notes and make little boats with money and send out to her. They then jump over seven waves for good luck the rest of the year. If I were not a missionary, I would be out there jumping with them.

But finals are done and Christmas is almost here. I hope everyone is happy healthier and well. Cant wait to talk to you this Sunday!!!!



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