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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kylie's letter 12-5-11

Random happenings in the Life of Sister Peterson

Rain, rain, and more rain and humidity. Because of all the moisture in the air our laundry doesnt dry, my bread got moldy in a week, my scriptures are warping, our pamplets stick together, and my brazilians roommates have some type of fungus on their feet. Great.

Prayed with a hard core catholic family. We held hands and prayed to the picture of Jesus and Mary. Then Sister Powell and I said a prayer in our own way. Then the dad who was a priest or something, he Crossed our forheads, mouths, and chests and placed his hand on our forheads and gave us a blessing. It was kind of cool.

A man bought us popsicles. It was corn flavored. Yep, corn. It was actually really good. I have noticed I talk a lot about food in my emails. Ha ha.

Cant count how many doors we have clapped at that we have taught people that readily accept what we believe and then say that they believe all paths lead to God. Everyone is so accepting and loving here in Brazil but they have difficulty seeing the necessity of a restoration.

The children in the streets have started calling me Tia. (Aunt) They make my day everytime I see them. These kids are just random kids that I made friends with because we pass them pratically every day.

Went with Sister Powell to the Drs, they think she has torn her ACL. So who knows what will happen with her. Poor thing. She really wants to finish the rest of her mission. She has 2 transfers left.

I am understanding a lot more now. A lot a lot more. It is actually really weird to talk to people that I met when I first got here and to actually understand what they are saying now. or at least some of the words that come out of their mouth.

I get called German all the time now. I am the tall German Mormon.

Senhor Pedro that 94 year old man has a baptismal date this Saturday. Hopefully he will be.

Last week of transfers is this week. I will stay with Sister Powell but  I might leave Vitoria. I would like to stay because we have started teaching in a new neighborhood and have started teaching so many new people and we have many new plans for this next transfer. Life is good. Brazil is beautiful. I am a missionary ( I still think that all the time, and I think how strange it is that I am here in brazil and I am a missionary....)

Thank you for you thoughts and prayers. Good luck with finals! Happy Holidays!


Sister Peterson

Excerpts from Kylie's family letter:

 There are also huge bats that fly around at night in the fruit treese. There are fruit trees that line the streets that people just climb and eat the fruit off of. And at night these huge bats fly around it is really cool. We also have a little pet gecko in our house. Okay not pet. Wild. I named him Fred, he is itty bitty. I will try to take a pic of him and send it. And everyone thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and letters. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. I miss the holiday spirit that is the states. Everything is just exploding with christmas. Music, lights, smells, everything. Here they put huge ornaments in all of the big trees so those are lit up at night which is kind of cool. And they have strings of icicles and snowflakes. Funny how christmas here is still associated with snow. The rainy season should only last through december. I am ready for some sun and to dry off here once in a while. I just am so grateful to be wearing sandals and skirts. Teh poor elders come to our district meetings with mud splashed everyone and their poor shoes are such sopping.

I am learning a lot of good things here on the mission.

got to go. Love you all so much!!!!

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