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Monday, December 26, 2011

Kylie's letter 12-26-11

I cant tell you how good it was to talk to everyone. yestrday. so the e is no really working on this kyboard. so it will have to do without. anyway - it was just good to be me. and not the quiet happy smiling mission hidden bhind a portuguese mask. it was good to be with peopl who share the same sense of humor and i just love you guys.

 mom - Dont worry about me, my cough is leaving and my knees really are fine. I am icing them every night so no worries. I will look for some differnt shoes to try too. So this week -

And of course I miss you guys too. After I talked to you guys i was really really happy. I think they should let us talk to families more - I am not homesick or anything. Just good to be with the people you love. and it was a good christmas. I am glad that i have two christmases here on the mission. Bcause it will teach me not to take you guys for granted. and will make christmases all the more sweeter when i do get to spend it with you.

But here are some random happenings of the week

- discovered a new sport i want to try. wind surfing. or mayb it is kite surfing. they surf with this kite parachute thing and it is so cool to watch and looks so fun. You dont need waves or anything because the wind will take you. dad would love. Maybe even better than skiing...look it up.

- We got called gatos - cats by some man in the street. it was meant as a sincere complement and he told us to be careful to who we talkd to becuas we were so pretty. what a considerate man....

-- cut (as in stoppd teaching) senior pedro - the 94 year man. he said he would not leave his church and his grandson told sister vieira when she was testifying about how she knew the bom was true that she had ben possssed by an evil spirit.

And the work continues we are still trying to find real investigators to teach so hoepuflly nxt week i will hav mor to say. about our investigators

lov you all and merry christmas and happy new year!!



pics are of my old roommats and companion, new companions,a nd the beach i get to walk by everyday.

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