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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kylie's letter 1/2/12

Feliz ano novo gente! Happy New Year!

So This week has been really slow. We taught a whopping total of 9 lessons. Whohoo! Everyone was busy with holidays and festas or at least that is what they said.... But this week we have got a lot planned we are going to start working with the less active members and recent converts becuase they are they have part member families and always have references. We want to eventually stop clapping at doors and just do visits. So hopefully this week it works out.

Also this week we marked 4 baptismal dates! Which is a huge thing for us. We marked with a couple that have three member children. They have had all the lessons and want to get baptized they just need to get married. So we are going to work with them and help them work towards that. Apparently it is a huge process to get married here. Then we also marked with another lady who has also received all the lessons and has such a strong testimony of the gospel. But she smokes 2 packs a day and she wasn't able to quit and thus wasn't baptized. So we are going to work with her and her family. Her son also committed to baptism as well. Yay!!

We also had a zone conference this week. In which Presidente said that we all should make a goal to baptize 20 people. Personally. They are going to keep track of how many people we baptize and we have to decide in companionship's whose baptism it is. I have doubts about this whole personal thing. I would feel much better if it was 40 people together. But whatever. He also said that we will know we worked 100% if we get 20 people to baptize. If we baptize less then we know that we didn't give it our all. I know he is called of God and receives revelation but I still feel weird about it. I don't want to get concerned about the numbers and fighting with my companion over whose baptism it is going to be. So I just made a goal to change the hearts of 20 people with my companion through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the HG, and enduring to the end. They can count and record whatever they want about me and my work as a missionary, but in the eyes of God I feel like he will be counting the work my companion and I do together.

Anyways...New years was great!  We went to a barbecue party thing at some elders house and played barbie uno! We received barbie uno for Christmas. And then we went to Presidents house and watched the fireworks at midnight. President lives on the twelfth floor of a apartment building that is right across the street from the beach. The fireworks were amazing. Everyone was on the beach and everyone was wearing a solid color. EAch color represented what they wanted for this new year. Ex. White = peace, red = love etc. There were four ships out in the ocean and when it was midnight the fire works began. It was 15 minutes of perfect synchronized fire magic. The fireworks were synchronized with music and it was one of the best firework shows I have ever seen. After the fireworks were done everyone lined up on the shore and you could see them jumping each time the tide rolled in under their feet. They jumped seven times for good luck. After we had ice cream and went to bed. I passed out. My body is so used to going to bed at 10 30. It was very fun.

Happy new years to all of you and I love you all muito muito muito!!!



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