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Monday, January 9, 2012

Kylie's letter 1/9/12

Oí Familia!

Tudo Bem!

Thanks so much for all your emails letters and prayers and everything else.

This email will have to be short because we are going to tour the chocolate factory Garota!!!!!!! Yeah!!! It is a Brazilian chocolate factory they have here and it is so yummy. I feel like Charlie in the Willy Wonka Factory! This is the first real p-day activity I have had since being here so I am a little pumped!

But this week has been good. Suale the lady with the smoking problems went from 40 cigarettes to 12 but jumped back up a little so we are still working with her. It is so hard to see her desire for the gospel but the addiction and the effects it is having on her. This one addiction is the thing that is keeping her from baptism, it is just really sad to watch. But I know with God anything is possible. Mari and Elber we are working with the marriage office place to get them married. They had everything ready to be married but never did anything about it. So we are trying to get things all done for them. But it turns out their documents are overdue. So we have to start the process all over again. And they haven't come to church we are struggling to decide if we should waste our time in running around trying to find witnesses and signatures or test their testimony and their desire and let them do it themselves. We have a few new investigators which I am excited to see what happens with. There are two investigators that we have that remind me of the Avatar. Junior, he believes that God is energy and energy will carry us to our salvation. And Emily. She is a previous investigator of the elders. the elders who taught her before said She held the Book or Mormon and said she could feel the energy in the book and  she came to church and kept talking about the energy she felt and kept touching the walls. We haven't contacted her yet but I am excited to. She sounds really interesting to teach.

But besides that, we have had cockroaches crawling up our drains and sewage water coming out of our laundry room floor and our house smells like poo.
Other than that life is good, things with companions are good, and the work is getting better started out a little slow but definitional getting better.

Love you all!!!


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