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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kylie's letter 1-23-12

Minha Querida Familia,
Tudo Bem?
Transfers are tomorrows, but I already know where I will end up. I will stay in Jardim da Penha, the same area I was in with Sister Johnson. The same companion. I was with Sister Vierira also but she is being transferred and will train the new American sister that is coming tomorrow. I have mixed emotions about this transfer. I was ready for a change, ready to start over in a new ward, and just start with a clean slate and work work work. But the Lord had something else in mind. Appears like He always has something else in mind. At the same time I wanted to stay here and get some baptisms. It is the hardest area in the mission and I just wanted to show that this area still has the elect of God and God is still a God of miracles. So I have another transfer to do that. We have quite the large investigator pool 22 to be exact, I hope they all will receive testimonies this transfer. Let the work begin!!

But this week...

There has been more cockroaches. The cool thing about cockroaches is that they can still move and walk after having their intestines smeared all over the floor. It is true. The trick is to hit them hard enough so their heads pop off, that way their nervous system no longer functions. Just in case you wanted to know.

Also the government of Brazil has instituted some new laws that the people here are all in an uproar. The bus fare has gone up and people have been lighting fires on the buses. Don't worry mom, we don't ride the buses. And also they are making you pay for grocery bags in order to be more eco friendly and encourage us to use reusable bags.

On a more spiritual side note - the work is continuing, we have investigators, I am understanding almost everything and I am feeling much more comfortable with the language. People are understanding me and not  my companion who speaks very fast. Whohoo! I am very excited for this next transfer and hope to see more of Gods miracles in the lives of the people here in Jardim da Penha.
Love and miss you all!


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