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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kylie's letter 1/15/12

Oí gente!

So one week left until transfers. this was the longest yet shortest transfer in the history of my mission (since I only have one other to compare it to but whatever) I am kind of ready just to start over again with a fresh slate and just work my little legs off and clap my hands off.

But this week went well. More cockroaches coming out of the drains. Yay! Painted the house today. Took forever, thus the late email. So our p-day is practically gone. Bummer, but whatever.

This week all of our baptismal dates fell through. Suali is having some troubles so her date dropped. Her son isn't interested. Mari and Elber haven't been coming to church and following up on their compromissos - I can't remember the word in English. Their....assignment things....invitations...
whatever...commitments!  Great I cant speak English or Portuguese.

But we have started teaching Petra and Relita. I like them very very very much. They live right across the street from he church and they seem really interested in the plan of salvation. So we will be teaching them today and this week and hopefully setting a baptismal date.

This last week was a blur. Cant think of what else happened. But summer is upon us. It isn't quite as hot as it was in the DR but just about. I will come back barbie blond and Indian brown.
Love you all!


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