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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kylie's letter 1/30/12

Querida Familia,

This marks the first week of transfers. And our ward is starting to have more of an emphasis on missionary work. The bishop gave a almost hell fire and damnation talk about how the members need to help the missionaries. And it worked. Thus far anyways. We have been having everyone giving us references, everyone is wanting to family nights with us, so the reaction is really good. Hopefully this stays up and we can start seeing some progress with the people here.

This week was a little different. Monday was p-day Tuesday we had transfers went and picked up the new sister who Sister Vieira is training and ended our day with a dinner at presidents house with the elders that finished the mission. We are so spoiled living close to president! There I ate my first feijoado which is a traditional Brazilian black bean dish with all the parts of a big. There was a lot of unrecognizable pieces but one that I did recognize was the tail. Completely intact with bones and skin and fat and everything. I didn't eat it though. It was also so weird to be with all the elders who have that squeamish sick feeling of going home and leaving.

So our week really began this past Wednesday. So basically all of our baptismal dates fell but we have a lot of hope for the rest of our investigators. This week was a little slow and a little hard because sister Johnson has been having problems with blisters and so we have been walking so sllloooooow. Because our area is so widespread we haven't made many visits. But hopefully this week will be better. We are still working with Suali, she has reduced smoking to 5 cigarettes and the other day she said she was going to stop completely. But she is getting a little stressed with the baptismal date and so she has been smoking more. She is so close. And she didn't come to church.  It the small simple things that they need to do. pray, read, and go to church.  That is one thing I am learning on the mission that the gospel is really so simple. We are learning the same things over and over again, because we need the reminder but also each time we study we are enlightened a little bit more. Things click a little more in our minds and our testimonies are strengthened. I love this gospel! But this week will be better with visits and our investigators.

Random happenings of the week

- We had a gecko in our bathroom. A big one. And Sis. J is afraid of geckos and lizards so I took care of it. I caught him in a tupperware Which was actually really hard. He was climbing all over the place, the bathroom tile walls was perfect for his little sticky fingers. But I caught him and threw him out the front door. Literally.

- We might be on you tube. There are several spots next to big apartment buildings where the updraft of wind is really strong and if you are careful your skirts will be flying up around your ears. So we were walking next to ones of these buildings and holding our skirts and there was a man walking past and he looked enthralled in his i-phone. But as we walked past he kept his iphone trained on us and we realized he was filming us. We couldn't decide if it was because we were Americans or because of our skirts. These Brazilian men....Luckily our skirts stayed down.

- Chocolate factory: i forgot to talk about the chocolate factory. It was wonderful. We had a tour and I understood almost nothing that he said. But it was like walking through the Willie Wonka chocolate factory. There were big machines making weird noises and people that looked like umpa loompas walking around in their little uniforms and ear plug things. We got to eat as much chocolate as we wanted. I only ate 6 because it is really hard to eat a lot of chocolate without water. you should try it. But an Elder broke the record and he ate 76 pieces of chocolate. We are talking about fun size candy bars here. Way to represent! 

- I got garbage thrown at me. It was the worst day with sister Johnson and her blisters and we had been walking forever with little results. And there were a group of young girls and one of them threw an orange peel at me and they all about died with laughter. It is so great to be a missionary.

- We had a random man come up to us and his first sentence was Excuse me but can I clear up some doubts with you. He then talked about how he was really interested in our church and what we believed in all because of the news with mitt Romney! We will start teaching him this week hopefully thanks to good ol' Romney.

That's all for now folks. Love you all so much.


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