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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kylie's letter 2/6/12

This email is going to be great, so I suggest you settle down, maybe grab some blankets and popcorn and hot chocolate and enjoy, A lot of great things happened this week.

I will start off with the not so spiritual stuff.

So as Brice described the mission is really awkward, weird, and just random. You see and hear the darndest things because you are walking the streets all the time. So here are a few of the things that happened to us this week.

Drunk man 1 - we were sitting down and resting for Sister Johnson, and she was sitting with her eyes closed. A drunk man walked past and commented Shes sleeping. Then asked me if I wanted his autograph. I said no but kind of regretted it after, maybe he was someone really famous.

Drunk man 2 - In one neighborhood we walk past this bar several times throughout the day. And this one particular day there was a man there all day. And he just happened to speak about 5 phrases in English. Pretty girl, Go to the beach with me, how are you, 12345, etc. Very impressive.  The Brazilians here love to show off every little bit of English they got. So we talked with him a bit just to make him stop talking to us. And he started leaving us alone. That night we walked to JArdim Camburi which is a neighborhood clear in the scuz on the other side of town and it is right by the beach. So while we were walking the edge of town. We heard someone yelling pretty girls pretty girls. And lo and behold it was the same man in a little black speedo who was at another beach side bar still drinking. Random.

Javelin Man- We were walking home one day and we walked past a man carrying a little fishing spear. Lots of men here are fisherman and they do all their catching by hand. Anyway, nothing weird completely normal. While we were walking past there came another running man trying to catch a bus. He ran past this fisherman and in a blink of an eye he was in javelin stance ready to chuck his spear at this guy. My little heart about broke in half as I thought- I am going to watch this man spear this other poor man who did nothing to him. The face on the fisherman was the most horrid angry face I have every seen. But as quick as it started- he stopped and kept walking. Random.

Lunch and Aliens - Also this week I had my most entertaining lunch ever. We ate at the house of a member who was not present--just her dad. Her dad was afastado - which means less active basically. Anyway - the conversation somehow turned to aliens And I have never before met a man that believes so  much in extraterrestrial. And we played along and asked him all sorts of questions about this imposters so here it is. There is a civilization that lives in the core of the earth, as well as in the sea. They live in the Bermuda triangle which is where when pilots fly over this part of the ocean their equipment gets whacked up - which is true. But he claimed that it is because of the people that live in the sea that are doing it. There is also a group of people that live on the dark side of the moon. They are very intelligent they live on the dark side of the moon so they don't get spotted. They can't come to earth because they are not accustomed to the gravity difference and the diseases and sicknesses we have. He also showed us every Youtube video on UFO siting and the Top Secret files (on youtube mind you and top secret--who would have thought) of actual aliens. There is this area 51 which has a really weird background you can look it up. But he thought bush was communicating with aliens there and contacting other worlds. To end lunch I shared Mosiah 4:19 about God and He is the creator of all things. He loved it. He told us that the third of Gods children that followed the enemy (Satan) they are the extraterrestrials and they are trying to destroy our earth. They are real. They are out there. They are everywhere!!!!! I have never had such an intense conversation in my entire life.

Day of the Gays - Yep - day of the gainhas in fact. It is a holiday or something where all the men dress up like girls. Makeup wigs, and everything. The poorer neighborhoods really go all out. And we were in one of those neighborhoods. At first we didn't know what was going on then. We just thought oh just another random person in Brazil. But then practically every man was in a little bra and mini skirt with makeup and a wig. They had a little fiesta in the middle of the street lots of drinking and lots of disgusting looking men.  Can't wait to see what carnival is going to be like.

Okay enough of the random stuff. These past couple of weeks have been a little rough if you can read through the lines of my trying to be positive emails. But I am learning so much. Amazing how God works that way. This week I learned what Charity is. Everyone always says that charity is the pure love of Christ. But what is the pure love of Christ? I realized it is knowing the faults of other people and loving them anyway. Really loving them. It also means realizing that God and Christ love you despite all of your faults too. All of these silly little things that have been tripping me up really don't matter. I am a missionary of the Lord and I have 1 year and a half to do the work of the Lord full time. It's just God and the people of Brazil that should be my worries. So I decided to stop worrying about everything else and focus my thoughts on the things that matter.  And it is helping. We also talked to a returned missionary here who is a member. And she helped remind us that we have the authority of God to call people to repentance and tell them that each day they are living in sin they are causing more drops of blood to be shed by our Savior. When it comes to calling people to repentance I have a backbone of jelly. I just want to tell people that God loves them and will bless them for living righteously. But it is true. And so I am trying to live up to my calling using the authority and power that comes with it. We had some amazing lessons this week preaching hell fire and damnation in a softened sisterly like way.

Found an amazing new family this week. So nice. Everything in Brazil in a family. They opened their home to us, fed us, drove us home, invited us over again for lunch. Only problem they are way catholic. So Pray for them, that the spirit will touch their hearts. Arnoldo and StĂȘlita. Also, remember that psychopath that I told you we started teaching and he appeared to be the perfect investigator. Well we found out he is a member and he has had some problems with drugs. But he gave us a reference of his girlfriend and she is awesome! Definitely an elect of God. But it is kind of a weird situation I don't know if we should tell her who she is dating. They met on face book and have been dating for a month. But she has a lot of potential. Her name is Tais (Tayees) Pray for her too.

That about sums up my week. Love you all! Thanks for all your letters and prayers and everything.


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