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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kylie's letter 2/13/12

Querida Familia!

Soooo, this past week wasn't too eventful, but the festivities and apostasies of Carnival are commencing. Part of Carnival is people dress up in costumes and such. And the all time winner for costumes and disguises would be female clothing. I have never seen so many men in my life wearing little mini skirts and bikini tops. A lot of the people in the ward have told us that in ancient times carnival was more of a cultural activity, lots of costume parties, samba (clean samba), and just another fun holiday to celebrate. But now it is quite different. Just another excuse to get drunk and party. Luckily it is pretty calm hear, and so we will still be working during carnival but we will be leaving the more poorer neighborhoods before it gets dark.

We are teaching Rute and Caludio and their two kids Eduardo and Isabel. Rute is really spiritual and all for going to church and everything but Claudio is a little harder. He works all day and gets home at 8:30 and missionaries are usually the last things he wants to hear at night. But we have been fasting almost every single day this week for them. From what President has been telling me it sounds like I will be transferred this next transfer. I really really really really want to see them baptized before I leave.

We also found another family. I think I mentioned them before. Arnoldo and Stelita. They are sooooo nice and compassionate. They always send us off with little snacks for the day and they made us lunch the other day. It was my first real sea food here. I have been waiting to taste the sea food here since the ocean is right here. The traditional seafood dish here is called muqueca and they cook it in a big clay pot with tomatoes and onions and herbs. It is almost like a stew. We ate shark, fish, and other sea food things that I didn't know the name of. It was amazingly delicious. We haven't taught them yet, but we have established a strong friendship. They are catholic but they are really close to the spirit. But we are also fasting for them and we are waiting for a miracle.

And this week suali CAME TO CHURCH!!!! Miracles of miracles. She also received a priesthood blessing and I really think she will get baptized not this transfer just because of her smoking problem, but maybe in the next.

Love you all so much!


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