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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kylie's letter 2/20/2012

So this week was the carnival. And the streets were basically dead. Even the bars had less people in them. Everyone was traveling for Carnival so the work was a little slow. But we had to spend the night in the apartment because the men are a little bit more forward than usually.  We spent it with Presidente and sister playing scrabble. And yes, I lost in English and in Portuguese to Brazilians. Same ol' same ol'. I hate that game.
So I will start out with the funny story of the week. And add a little bit more spiritual stuff. I just got one of dads letters the other day with a whole list of all these questions about my spiritual experiences here. I  just remember with Brice I didn't really like hearing about the investigators because I didn't know who they were, but I will try to be better and make everyone happy.
This week I got to hear a woman speak in tongues. We taught her the first lesson and she told us she was Buddhist but she believed in the Bible and in God. I don't think she really understood what a Buddhist is. Anyway, we concluded the lesson and we asked her to pray and she did. During the prayer she started speaking in "tongues". Just sounded like the same mumble jumble over and over again for about 3 minutes straight. Pretty sure she had no idea how to say a prayer. It was quite impressive. She finished and said amen. And then said. "Oh excuse me, I never know when I will speak in tongues, it's just that relationship I have with God, you know how it is...." Cant wait to teach her again....
Okay now the good stuff for mom and dad. So Suali  came to church and she has been coming to the family nights that the members hold for investigators and she has been reading and asking a ton of questions. She has some health and emotional problems and when we first started teaching her she always looked drugged and really sad and really down, but now here eyes have a light in them. They are brighter and she you can tell she has the light of Christ and she is understanding and gaining a testimony. It is an actual physical change. She is happier, and she is understanding that this happiness is coming because she is keeping the commandments. She still has this stupid addiction to cigarettes. She is still struggling to drop it. She is smoking sometimes 3 sometimes 6. She is so close.
Other thing is the blessing we have of having temples so close. There is a recent convert here that is saving everything she has to go to the temple. She told us she didn't travel for carnival because she is saving for the temple--6 months from now. These people sacrifice so much and the temple is such a huge deal. We really do have such a blessing to be living so close to temples. Don't take them for granted. I am learning in my studies the importance of temple work that we can not become perfect without them and neither them without us. So way to go mom with all your work you are doing. We as missionaries don't have the opportunity to go to the temple and I am definitely missing it.
That is all for now. Love you all!

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