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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kylie's letter 3/12/12

So transfers came and went and I am in the state of Minas. Our mission includes three states. The whole state of Espirito Santo, and parts of Minis Gerais, e Rio de Janeiro. So I traveled 12 hours by bus to Minas. And it is soooo different from Espirito Santo. I stayed with Sister Johnson.  I have a feeling that we might be here together for one more transfer. Which would be 6 months together.

This area is great. We are the first sisters that have been here for about 15 years. The members had been asking for sisters and were ecstatic to receive us. We are in a little branch with about 180 members but only 30 or so that are active. You know you are serving in a South American country when everyday you find a less active member of the church in the streets. So our plan for this zone is to reactivate all the members that had testimonies at one point.

Minas is gorgeous, it is so green with lots and lots of hills. And it is hot. And when I say hills it is like a 30 min walk straight up and up and up. And then you descend the other side only to go up another. I don't know why they just don't plow the roads right through it. It looks like Southern Utah here with lots and lots of red earth but green too. Green palm trees and grass and everything. So gorgeous and there are lots of farms. The people here are a lot poorer. And live in little teeny tiny houses with everyone in their extended family. And the people here are sooo short. They are my height when I am sitting down. Minas is famous for their cheese. and oh my goodness they should be. The cheese is great here. Pão de Quejo - cheese bread is to die for. And the members here are super duper faithful and willing to do everything for the Lord.

Our biggest challenge right now is just getting to know the area and finding where everyone lives. It is hard to open an area. But I am excited to work with the members here and to teach the small people of Minas.

Hope everyone is doing well. I hope for more sun for those who are ready for spring and more snow in the mountains for dad.

Thanks for your prayers, love and support!


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