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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kylie's letter 3/19/2012

So this week. This week we had zone conference it was so good and just what I needed. Zone conferences are so much better when you can actually understand them. Presidente talked about how it is us that needs to change when we want our life to change. And there were a lot of other things said that were so great. But I felt so much better. We also ate at a real Brazilian churrasco and it was so good. Like Tucanas but authentic. Guys brought us meat on swords and we ate so much! It was so good!

And I have fallen in love with Minas. I love this place. I have fallen in love with all the rolling green hills, the people, the cheese, everything about Minas. It is so different than Vitoria. we can actually see the stars and the milky way at night. The people here are so humble and have so little. This is the Brazil I thought of when I got my call.

We marked 3 baptismal dates this week with some kids in a huge mixed family. we want to baptize the whole family, so hopefully things will work out with them.

Life is good and I am happy!



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