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Monday, March 26, 2012

Kylie's letter 3/26/2012

Thank you so much for all your prayers and fasts and everything. things are really a lot better. And We might have a baptism here in a few weeks!!!

Our baptismal dates are three young kids named Johny, Casio, and Eugenia. They are from a very mixed family. There is three families of just kids that live with this aunt and one single mom. Their house is crazy. The elders before us were teaching them, but we started teaching them. At first I was a little skeptic with them being so young, but one thing I am learning on the mission is that God works through the young people in this world because they are more open and sensitive to the spirit. Joseph Smith was only 14 and Mormon was what 10  and we have 18,19,and 21 year old people out preaching the gospel. The Lord works through small and simple things. Anyways, Johny has 15 years and Cascio 12 and Eugenia 10. They are understanding everything we are teaching and have stopped drinking coffee, which is a huge thing. They have a little 4 year old sister that was drinking a huge mug of coffee when we first taught. They have come to church the past 2 weeks and they are reading the Book of Mormon and learning how to recognize the spirit. It feels so good to actually have investigators that are progressing. If everything goes well they will be baptized the 7th of April.

Also this week we started having activities that will be every Wednesday. This past week we had a great turn out and did minutet-to-win-it games and ended it with good ol´ American chocolate cookies. we had 32 people there and everyone loved it. We are hoping it will spark some interest in the youth so that they can start bringing their friends and start teaching their families.

There is a member here - the president of relief society and she is such a good example of what a member should be. She really understands what the gospel means, and the covenants she made with Heavenly Father. She does visits with us two times a week. She is  64 or something but she is walking up and down hills with us without a complaint. Her whole life is devoted to building up the kingdom. She never speaks bad things about anyone.She was the one that brought the church to this city. Before, she was paying 50 bucks every week to go to church that was in a city 3 hours away. The mission president finally send missionaries here and they started a branch. She told us some pretty awesome stories about here life and the gospel, this one I think mom would really like. One day she was walking to lunch to a friend's house and an old newspaper hit her leg and she brushed it off. She went and ate lunch and was coming back home when the same old yellowed newspaper hit her leg because of the wind. She finally picked it up and looked at it and noticed it had the names of the very first people that established the city here. She took it home and recorded the information and planned to take it to the temple. When she went to the temple she randomly found one of the descendents of this family who was looking for these names. And they were able to do the work for them. Yay for family history!

Life is good, the sun is hot, the mosquitos are back in full force, and the church is true!

Love you all, hope all is well with everyone and everyone is healthy and happy!

sister p

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