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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kylie's letter 6/18/2012

Minha linda família,

I am so happy! This week was a week filled with amazing lessons and lots of the spirit. I am loving the work! It is so good to work with all your heart might, mind, and strength and see the fruits of your efforts. We marked 4 more baptismal dates this week. We have started working in an area way faraway from the center of town. These distant places have never seen missionaries because the missionaries always walked, but now we have Bikes!!! And so the work is continuing and spreading. We are hitting this little neighborhood called Santa Catarina. It is a small little town, where an American, white, blond, and blue eyes girls calls a lot of attention. Everyone acts so funny when I say that I am from the United States - like it is some huge privilege to have me step inside their house.  We ride our bikes to this neighborhood several times a day as we work around lunch appointments and appointments in downtown. It is the perfect work out every day! I forgot how addicted I am to exercise and bike riding. It makes it even better to have a gorgeous Brazilian background.

This week was another holiday called Quadril or something and everyone dresses up like farmers and they have dances and rodeos and fun things like that. So there was a lot of parties and music and lots of beer and drunk people all week. We walked through the fair type thing and looked at the HUGE bulls and cows. And took some fun pictures and ate some delicious Brazilian food.

But this week:

We had conference of our branch and I played the piano--and will be playing the piano for the branch. One thing I am learning from this experience. If you start to learn something finish learning it or don't even bother to start at all. Mom always said I would regret not learning the piano. And she was never right until now. I want to help this little branch feel the spirit through the hymns but it is awfully hard when they have to sing the same hymns every Sunday. (How great thou art, sweet hour of pray, Come unto Christ ) We bought a simplified version of the hymns so hopefully things will start looking better. Mason, Keni and Jens. Don't quit! Keep learning the piano. At least the hymns. The little kids here are all amazed that I play and sit on the front row and watch me play. A lot of them have never seen a keyboard before until they come to church. It is so cute. And really good that they sit quietly.

Estefani got baptized this week! Remember him, he was in Minas. And he baptized this last week!!! Yay! I was so happy to hear that. He will make such a good member. And another girl I taught there got baptized this week as well.

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. Sister Cunha and I stay up really late talking. She is so great, and I am loving and learning so much working with her. She is a little fireball of a missionary and I can only hope to become a missionary like her. But we are loving the work, and teaching everyone everywhere.

Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone and my b-day was great. The Reeses bars were absolutely wonderful!!!! I almost ate the whole thing by myself. My birthday started with fasting and was filled with lots of lessons and lots of work, and ended with those heavenly Reeses bars and ended with going to bed early! It was a great day. The next day we had district meeting in another city and had to wake up at 4 am. But it was a wonderful day and I am so happy that you guys had fun too on my special day. It has been a great 22 years and I am looking forward for the rest 80 and some odd....

Love you all so much!!!

Muitas felicidades e amor!


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