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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kylie's letter June 11, 2012

Oí meus Queridos!
So- this week.
We have had several baptisms here in Quissamã. Whoohoo! A daughter of a recent convert we taught was baptized. As well as an eldery man I contacted in the street. He is adorable and just really old. He loves to help people and he is already sharing the gospel with his families and friends. He announced his baptism over the radio. I don't think he really understands in depth what we taught him but he feels the spirit and he loves to help people. His name is Aleixo and he lives alone with his dog. Rambo. He knows what a prophet is and he has given Book of Mormons to his family members. He told them that this book can change your life. He is adorable. He bore his testimony yesterday and just said "In the name of Jesus Christ" and sat down.  He was so proud of himself. I hope that in the afterlife everything makes sense to him.
We have also been teaching an eleitíssima! (super duper elect). We found her trying to reactive her husband. We taught her and left her with a BOM and a pamphlet about the restoration. She read the pamphlet twice and was already in 1 Ne 4 when we came back the next day to teach her. She also had looked around at the church website. She has had so many questions but is accepting everything and liking everything. She told us that she is feeling closer to God with everything we are teaching her. Her name is Michele and her Husband is Enrique. He wants to come back and is trying to overcome some addictions. They both came to church yesterday and it was a really great experience. The only problem is that Enrique has to get divorced from his past wife and then he can marry Michele. She wants to marry so badly. They have been waiting 2 years for this divorce. The government here is super slow because they don't have a judge. But she is so ready to be baptized. They have such an adorable family. I love teaching golden investigators! It makes missionary work seem so easy! Just this marriage thing is in our way!
Also this week the temple of Manaus was dedicated. We got to watch the cultural celebration the day before and the actual dedication. It was soooo good. At the cultural celebration I was about ready to die from wanting to get up and dance with all of them. Gee Whiz! I really miss some good music and dancing...not that MOTAB is all that bad. But we could use some variety here. And the dedication was wonderful! Pres Uctdorf did it and I felt the spirit so strongly! I love temples. Go visit them if you haven't for a while. Take advantage of having a temple so close. The people in Manaus had a 7 day trip to go to the temple. The cultural celebration showed the trial and sacrifice it was to get the temple. But now they have it!! It was so good!
But life is good and the gospel is true. I am happy. And I love helping people be happy through spreading the good news of the gospel. Enjoy these summer days while they last. And thanks for the birthday wishes. I have my package all ready to be opened this wed. 
Love you all so much! All the best this week!
Cant believe I am almost 22.
Loves, beijos, e abraços!

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