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Monday, June 4, 2012

Kylie's letter 6/4/2012

Ta bom vamos la, 

My email was deleted again, but I have another little bit so I will type really really fast. Okay - these computers are so dumb!
So my area is Quissam√£, Rio de JAneiro! Whoohooo! It is the farthest south in the mission and it is the smallest town I have been in in Brazil thus far. There aren't any supermarkets just little fruit shops, general good stores, and bakeries and the such. It is such a cute little town. the bairros are separated - neighborhoods- are separated by big farms--thus the bikes. And we both have a bike, the pics that I sent were when the assistants were doing a division with us and so I carted around Sister Cunha all day, my legs were dead after but it was a great work out. By the way I loooooooooooove bikes. It is the stress release I have been needing for the last 9 months and I get to ride the bikes everyday all day it is so wonderful. I love love love it. But Quissama is very small and everyone knows everyone, and everyone identifies us as the girls that use the helmets. We are the only people in Brazil that use them, and we get made fun of all the time. But whatever, safety first right!? right! The people here are really poor and humble and not very well educated there are a ton of people that don't know how to read or write, and it also makes it a lot more common that these people don't understand me. Which has been super frustrating to have come from several places that everyone understood me, and then here where they don't even think I am speaking Portuguese. But it is good- sister cunha is helping me lose my accent. I am determined to teach better and to speak better after these next two transfers with sister cunha. I am pretty sure I will stay here with her until she leaves - she has this transfer and one more. 

Sister Cunha is a little Brazilian powerhouse. She is from Manaus in the amazons and she is 4,9 and the best missionary in the mission field--hands down. She really has a gift of making friends with people and teaching people and not lessons, she is an amazing teacher, and teaching next to her makes me really see all the room I have to improve, but I am learning so much from her. She is great. And she talks a lot. Last night we stayed up past 1 in the morning talking...whoops! Yay for p-day. But we work all day and we work really hard. We teach the minimum of 8 lessons per day. Which is such a change from the last 6 months of my mission. I am loving working really hard, and the lord is showing me all of my weaknesses, and so hopefully they will become strengths here pretty soon. 

Love you all way to much!


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