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Monday, June 4, 2012

5/28/12 Kylie's quick email after the computer deleted her real one.

So the computer kicked me off and didn't save my email and my time is up basically sooo....

I am in Rio.

My companion is Sister Cunha.

We ride BIKES!!!! and I love it!

Sister Cunha is a power house from Manaus Brazil- I am super intimidated to teach with her but she is awesome and learning so much even when I am feeling super inadequate and super talentless next to her. She is the best missionary on the mission. She has baptized 40 people. She has baptisms every week.  She was sent to this area we are in, after 20 years of not having a baptism. And then she came and they have had a ton. She has been here for six months.

I will try and write more later.....

sorry, i had a beautiful email written.....
love you all


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