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Monday, September 10, 2012

Kylie's letter 9/10/12

Well, noticias of this week.

I got another boyfriend. We taught him the first lesson waiting for our bus in Campos another city. I had my suspicions; he seemed way too excited about the restoration. We exchanged numbers and this week he has been calling non-stop and sending cute little text messages that would make any other girl weak in the knees. He calls me irmãsinha. Which is like taking a word and making it all cutesy, I don't know how to describe it. Its like the ending ita in spanish (at least I think it is ita) anyway - to make a long story short. I need to actually talk to him on the phone and give him the low down. That will be one of my p-day activities. What fun. 

We also had a zone conference by the elders. The elders always always always pick on the sisters to do role plays in front of everyone and then critique what we do. I don't love that and am not a huge fan of zone conferences put on by the elders.  But none the less it was good - and the spirit taught me some things that we need to change in the work. We have a goal this month to baptize 100 people - I also am not a huge fan of this quota thing either. But whatever. 

Angela and her daughters are going really well. Angela will get baptized for sure, Lu and Natalia are going a little bit slower. Lu I think will baptize this Sat and Natalia, we still haven't marked a date with her, but we are working on it. Natanaiel the dad is content just to observe our lessons and ask a bunch of questions but he still hasn't asked or prayed or read anything. But Angela - nossa! She is a one of a kind. She will help this branch grow a lot. 

This week was super different. Our bikes were freaking out - the chains kept falling and etc etc. we got them fixed. We got mixed up in several marriage problems this week. One of our companions in our house is sick and we have been running around trying to help her companion find irmãs to do divisions. I have this random man calling me every hour and texting me, and right now I have a group of boys in the internet house that are sitting here gawking at us... two tall blonds in Quissamã draw a lot of attention....
I love the mission. And the time really is going by tooooo fast. Could you do without me for another six months?

But this week is gonna be awesome, We will finish up the lessons with Angela, and try to make with Natalia and fortify Lu and Saturday is gonna be a great day. We don't have a baptismal font for the moment. We are debating putting up a pool in a members house, a lake, a river, or the ocean. Haha, this baptisms gonna be very sheeky. Que bom que we only need water and priesthood authority to make a baptism. 

Gente! Amo vocês muito. I hope that all is going well with school, work, weddings, and whatever else is going on. Thank you so much for your prayers and emails. Know that you are loved. 


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