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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kylie's letter 9/3/12

First off.

HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY JENS!!!!!! Don't worry I didn't forget,  on dia 29 I thought - Oh it is Jens Birthday. I hope it is was the best birthday ever with lots and lots of cake and ice cream!!! Whoohooo, American cake and ice cream that is. Here they make salty cakes which is basically stacks of bread and chicken salad with a mayonnaise frosting and tomato flowers and strips of peppers for decorations; kind of weird I know. 

But let me tell you about this family. They are so amazing, I felt like that little kid on "David goes to the Dentist" ... "is this real life". [she is talking about a YouTube video about a boy-David-that was filmed after going to the dentist and was just coming off of some sort of medication that made him very loopy.  He was saying crazy, funny things while his eyes kind of rolled around like he was spinning and then he said, "Is this real life?" ha ha--very funny!]  They are the family every missionary dreams of. 

So here is the complete story. Way back to the beginning of the transfer, Sis Z passes out and I left her in a members house and grabbed Antoerh Irmã and went off to work for the day. The day was filled with lots of flaky people but our last visit was Natanael, Angela, Lu, and Natalia. They were headed off for church but stayed to hear what I had to say and it was the perfect first lesson any missionary could have wanted, the spirit was present, they asked the perfect questions, and they understood!!! Thanks to the spirit. After several more visits I was noticing things were going kind of slow with them, they wanted to read all of the BOM and learn everything they could, but we were creating a really strong friendship. I knew that I needed to invite them to be baptized but I started getting scared that they would stop being interested or think that we just wanted them to get baptized etc etc etc. Also, our baptisms for this week fell through and when that happens, it always leave you feeling really bummed. So this week, I was kind of bummed and I was praying and fasting--a lot!  I read the story of Alma and Amulek. Alma after being rejected by the whole city of Ammonihah, left but was commanded to return and he found Amulek, and together they began a great work. I took comfort knowing that every city has an Amulek, I was praying to find our Amulek. So we went back for another appointment with this family and Angela said that she had lots of questions, but that she noticed that the  members that I was bringing with us were weak (we do visits with a lot of recent converts that are new to the church to help strengthen their testimonies) and she didn't want to ask questions in fear her questions would make them question their own testimonies. I thought wow - I can't believe she noticed that. But it was good because we were with a member who served a mission etc etc. She asked all of her questions she had a ton of questions about elders, and missionaries, and Preach my Gospel, what it was etc. We answered her questions and watched the restoration film. We ended the lesson and after, the family was chatting with sis Z and the member. Angela pulled me aside and she said sis P, I want Preach my Gospel, I want to be a missionary. I gave her a hug and blurted- "Do you want to get baptized?" and she said, "Yes". Then I kind of started freaking out a little bit because I was so happy. But she said she didn't want the others to know because she didn't want to influence their decision, so we are teaching her undercover. She came to church yesterday and she told me that she (quick background - she is way evangelic - way churchy) grew up/was raised by missionaries, and she had already done a seminar on Joseph smith and she already knew his story, but when I taught about first lesson, she said that the things I said made her tremble, she said that before, she knew him as only a man, but now she knows him as a prophet. And she said when I asked her to be baptized the spirit touched her heart and she knew that was exactly what she needed to do. 

I cant explain how hard I have prayed and the number of times I have fasted just to be an instrument in the Lords hands and to be a conduit of the spirit. My happiness is so big it feels like it can't quite fit inside me. Angela, and her daughters are people that will help the kingdom of God grow. They will make amazing members. And  amazing leaders in the church! Thank you for you prayers for them as well. It helped. 

Ah!!! I love the mission!

Know that I love you all soo much and I hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend. Be safe, and eat a Reeses cup for  me! 

amo vocês muito

sis p

ps. we realized that Quissamã is a no stop light town. you know how there is one stop light and two stop light towns, well there isnt a single one here. Just to get a jist about this little town

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