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Monday, September 17, 2012

Kylie's Letter 9/17/12

Tudo bem!
Então. Vamos lá.
Angela e Lu were baptized this past Friday. We put up
a little pool in the back of the church building and it went great. I
was really happy with our LMA – mission leader because we did
everything certinho. Usually it is us having to run around and get
everything done because he says he will do it and then he leaves it until the last
moment e tal tal tal. And so it was good. He even completed it with a
huge chocolate cake at the end. To say the least, I was very pleased.
It was a perfect baptism – started an hour late – but that is
just a Brazilian thing- but we felt the spirit. The other daughter
Natalia will be baptized this next Saturday! Woooohooo!! Angela is
already cruising through the Book of Mormon and she is loving the book
of Alma. She knows the names of all the people and the cities and
  everything and she is doing a family home evening tonight, which we are
going to. This woman is unreal. Love her! And they are going to the
temple the month that comes [next month] and they will do baptisms!!!!!!!! I wish I
could see all of my recent converts going to the temple because that
is the real end goal. I am seriously thinking about coming back next
year in September to go through the temple with her to receive her
endowments. That is the dream anways, we will see what happens.
This week was super good, with lots of work, and lots of appointments.
Too much actually. We need more time in the day. The work is going so
well here and I am so happy. This little city was known as the hole of
the mission and no one wanted to get sent here, but I don't know why,
the elders just called it that. I love it here. De verdade.
This week I hit another person on the bike. Note to everyone riding a bike, don't eat, and talk on the phone and ride your bike, it is dangerous. I need to read the rules about bikes in the white handbook more carefully. It says there to always keep both hands on the handlebars. And for a good reason. But it was all good. I just wreaked the persons brakes that is all. I know, I know, I will be more careful.
Also this week talked to my bf, Marcelo. Said he would come to church and he didn't even show up. What nerve. Some boyfriend
Brice sent some fun questions that I will answer...
Have you ever been chased by stray dogs? - yes there is soooo many stray dogs here. And they love to chase after the bikes. for the most parts they don't bite.
Have you ever had someone ask you to marry their granddaughter?- granddaughter no- haven't quite reached the marriage proposal, but dating yes.
Have you ever had a 40 year old somebody fall in love with you? - lucky for me it is all the cute young guys that go after me. There always is the old men in the bars that whistle and make a few comments.
Have you ever made people fall down while contacting on the street? - nope, but I have had someone scatter salt and bless us.
Have you ever fallen asleep in a lesson? (I don't think I ever did, but this is a good question nonetheless)- Yes. I was being trained and we were waking up early to go running- so I was always really tired. And during the lessons I didn't understand much or speak much and thus fell asleep during the lessons, and the old guy noticed. I woke up real quick and got my act together.
Have you ever eaten so much at a members house that you about died?yes- Vitoria, they feeeeeed a toonnn. I remember eating until I was about to burst and she brought out a huge bowl of ice cream filled above the brim. I broke every rule of courtesy and put some of the ice cream back. there was no way all of it was fitting inside of me.
Have you ever yelled at your companion? - not yet.
Have you ever been pushed around? (I hope you haven't). I haven't but I have pushed people away . A lot of the men go in to give you a kiss after meeting you, or the second visit like old friends. I have had to push some of them off. haha.
é isso mesmo.
This week we have another baptism marked and hopefully more in the future.  Love all of you sooo much. Fique firme forte

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