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Monday, September 24, 2012

Kylie's letter 9/23/12

Natalia batizou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was a fight with her. Her
dad is super duper closed about religion and he likes to question us
and get us to start questioning our own beliefs, at least that is what
he thinks he is doing. He asks the dumbest questions, and he likes to
quiz me on my bible knowledge, which I am not the greatest at but
whatever. There are some things he says that I respond and it shuts
him up for a minute as he tries to find a way around it, but he always
comes back with another stupid example or stupid situation. He is like
the scribes and pharisees that tried to trip up Jesus Christ. Anyway,
so we went to go get her paper signed by her dad, and he wanted to
interview us and we went on and on about all these different topics
and I kept trying to bring it back to the fact that the issue was
whether or not he would let her get baptized. It ended with her
doubting her own testimony and wanted more time to think if she even
wanted to be baptized. So this whole time we are praying our guts out
and trying to get her to pray again and ask if these things are true,
and she wasn't doing it. and then the day before her old baptismal date,
we passed by and she was super excited to tell us that she got her
answer. It was this huge complicated story that involved a lot of
people and kind of random, so I won't waste time on it- but she got her
answer and talked to her dad and insisted that he sign the paper, and
he signed it. And She was baptized and confirmed this last
weekend!!!!! Que alegria. She and her sister are planning to serve
missions, and Angela wants to serve one too, she was already asking
for Pregar meu evangelho and they are planning on attending the temple
to do baptism the next caravan. Whooohooo!!!!

Funny story about the baptismal pool we use. We filled it up the night
before and the also during the night there was a storm, and our church
house isn't the best. So it ended up blowing leaves and dust and dirty
rain water in the pool. And this is after the day before cleaning it
and everything. So the day of the baptism. Sis Z and I grabbed the
little strainer things we use to make juice and we spent our two hours
of study time straining this water. It was great fun. My back is
killing me. But the water was a nice brownish green for the baptism
but didn't have any stuff floating it. Haha. Our LMA commented that
Jesus Cristo baptized in the river Jordan which was much dirtier.

Also this week we taught an intense lesson with a member who started talking about the temple and baptisms for the dead etc etc. Everything that you NEVER EVER talk about the first lesson. I was kind of irritated because this family has  a lot of potential. But anyways the lesson ended with a lot of arguing the member was super mad too. Agh! Sometimes lessons with members aren't the best thing. But anyways, I ended with my testimony and after one of the guys asked to give me a blessing. And what can you say to that. I said sure. So he took my hands in his and he started praying that God would forgive me for my sins and past mistakes and that I could reach all of my goals and desires etc. And he was shouting this prayer and shaking and I was dying trying not to laugh. And I was praying that everyone else's eyes were closed but Sis zeller peeked and said they were all watching me. I hope they didn't notice the stifled grin I was trying to hide. After he finished the blessing he acted all astounded and professed that we would see each other again and that I had a great work to do. In my head I thought - yep I´ll see you in the end and testify that it was me that taught you about the restored gospel but you refused to read the Book of Mormon or pray about it. We see him all the time now in the street, it is kind of awkward sometimes. But whatever. He was a nice blessing I think

Also this week while riding to this neighborhood this guy was stopped by the side of the road wanting to talk to us. It was in the middle of the day so I wasn't super worried. He started talking to us about who we were and what we did and made it sound like he was interested in our message. We started get really excited thinking, he was an elect. But then we starting talking about how beautiful I was and that he wanted to take me to his farm and show me around and wanted my number and tried to convince me that campos (antoher city here) has some of the best universities that I could stay here and live with him with his parents on their farm. The ideal life right?! I politely exchanged numbers and said maybe I would call and set something up. Yeah right. Any white girl with blond hair and blue eyes could get any guy she wanted down here. 

Transfers are this week! And sis Z and i are staying here. YES! I was happy. I really like Sis Z she is super duper funny and I don't think I have ever laughed so much on the mission. She is super fun to work with. I am thinking we will have one more transfer together and then we will train. There are a bunch of sisters leaving and a bunch of sisters coming in. Whatever happens it will be good. Love this area! and love you all!

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